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1,608 Jobs
FBISD Extended Learning Site Coordinator
Fort Bend Independent School DistrictSugar Land, TX
The Site Coordinator will direct, organize and manage the daily operations of campus-based before and/or afterschool Extended Learning programs.
Manager Life Safety Systems Bureau
Fort Bend Independent School DistrictSugar Land, TX
The incumbent will supervise and manage the activities and operations of the Fort Bend ISD Police Department's Life Safety Systems Bureau (LSSB).
Full-time To Get A Job At Hisd As A Teacher
Serve as the point of contact for the Learning for Life department which will promote programs which include in school Character Education and Special needs.
Thank you for your interest in a leadership role with Houston ISD. It is our goal to have a highly effective leader on every campus!
Aide, Special Education Elementary Bss (Behavior Support Services)
Fort Bend Independent School DistrictSugar Land, TX
Fort Bend Independent School DistrictSugar Land, TX
Maintain an accurate and detailed monthly calendar reflecting plans and activities and a monthly social work report of activities and contacts; submit appropriate documents for statistical reports with adherence to program standards in school social work.
Manager General Ledger
Fort Bend Independent School DistrictSugar Land, TX
The Manage General Ledger is responsible for accurate and timely reporting of General Fund and Child Nutrition Fund. The manager will administer the fiscal affairs of the District efficiently, expeditiously and to the ultimate benefit of each student enrolled.
Coordinator Emergency Management
Fort Bend Independent School DistrictSugar Land, TX
The incumbent will supervise and manage the activities and operations of the Fort Bend ISD Police Department's Emergency Management Division (EMD).
Top 12 Highest Paying Jobs and How to Land One

There are many things to consider when applying for a job, but the truth is that the financial aspect of a job is generally very important to any candidate. Although you may want to pursue a job that you are passionate about, the chances are that you take the salary into consideration before even applying for a job. At the end of the day, employees have bills to pay and having enough money to live comfortably is something most job applicants need to consider. 

Program Specialist Student Support Services
Fort Bend Independent School DistrictSugar Land, TX
The Program Specialist for Student Support Services will work in collaboration with the Program Manager Student Support Services and campus staff to implement and monitor special education and Section 504 dyslexia programming in grades K-12, as well as supporting the homebound program, to include students with nursing services.
Teacher High School / Head Boys Soccer Coach
Fort Bend Independent School DistrictSugar Land, TX
For Elementary and Secondary English/ELA teaching assignments, ESL certification required
Teacher / Coach Pe And Health (Secondary)
Fort Bend Independent School DistrictSugar Land, TX
Knowledge of content, curriculum, methods, materials, and equipment of instructional specialty(ies) to which assigned required
Teacher, Foreign Language
Fort Bend Independent School DistrictSugar Land, Texas
For English/ELA teaching assignments, ESL certification required or, if selected, candidate must be able to obtain within a year.
Proven Tips to Prepare for Behavioral Interview Questions

Employers take risks with every new employee they take on board. Hence, it is not surprising that they tailor interviews to help them spot the best choices amongst the candidates that apply. Behavioral interviews are an important tool used in this process. In a behavioral interview, you are asked what we call "behavioral interview questions" that require you to explain a past scenario that highlights your skills and suitability for the position.

Coach, Content Literacy (Raise up Texas Program)
Fort Bend Independent School DistrictSugar Land, TX
Meet a minimum of bi-weekly with the principal to assess progress of school in meeting project goals and objectives and to plan for identified needs in SIM implementation.
Advisor Hr - Talent Experience (Salary Calc)
Fort Bend Independent School DistrictSugar Land, TX
The position requires occasional walking, standing, sitting, bending, stooping, kneeling, crouching, crawling, and lifting/carrying work related items weighing less than 40 pounds, such as books, papers and presentation materials.
Teacher - Head Band Director
Fort Bend Independent School DistrictSugar Land, TX
Manage the behavior of learners in the instructional setting to ensure the environment is conducive to the learning process; assist and participate in management of student behavior in all parts of the school, center, school grounds, or work site both during and outside of school hours; monitor and enforce compliance with the Fort Bend ISD Student/Parent Handbook, Student Code of Conduct, and Extracurricular Handbook
Parts Support Crew
Fort Bend Independent School DistrictSugar Land, TX
The Parts Support Crew will perform manual and clerical duties in the operation of a parts storeroom.
The Ultimate Guide for Leaving a Job

Leaving a job is often a part of one’s career. According to Zippia, on average, the working person will go through 12 jobs in their lifetime!  That means leaving a job 11 times over your working years. Leaving or quitting your job can be a daunting task. It may be worrying to think about how your employer will take the news of your transition, or how you cope adjusting to the big change.

Wellness Monitor
Fort Bend Independent School DistrictSugar Land, TX
Certification of completion of COVID-19 Contact Tracing through John Hopkins University required.

Company: fort bend independent school district in Sugar Land, TX

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