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828 Jobs
Senior Development Manager - Wind Energy
VestasPortland, OR
Implement or supervise land acquisition campaigns, including identification of landowners, initiating contact, and negotiating land contracts, including but not limited to, energy leases, purchase and sale contracts, collection and transmission lines easement, access roads and right of way easements.
Development Manager - Wind Energy
VestasPortland, OR
Supervise acquisition of lease, easement and other land agreements via land agent or direct landowner contact
Full-time Jobs Portland
Our goal is not only to be another recruiter you work with, but a resource for you to find work whether it be an immediate contract or direct hire role.
Serve as primary production artist for Forever’s creative team Production work will take place in both Photoshop and Forever Artisan software
Main Component Wind Repair Technician I - SOUTH / WEST
VestasPortland, OR
Awareness of how dashboard impacts the site (i.e. alarms, warnings, fleet, service orders, labor efficiency, new site start up, TNT, FIT, other insight dashboard metrics)
Finance Director
VestasPortland, OR
The wider North America finance team consist of approximately 30 finance colleagues, of which the five is the COO Finance team.
Greenfield Project Origination Lead
VestasPortland, OR
The Lead Project Manager, Greenfield Project Origination, New Markets leads a group that is responsible for determining appropriate market entry and timing of renewable energy projects and for the siting and selection of primarily wind and wind/solar/storage hybrid projects.
Construction Logistics Professional
VestasPortland, OR
This position is responsible for spare parts order management to support turbine operations, resolving customer issues, and acting as the first point of contact to the SBU for supply chain management.
Internal Recruiting: Benefits and 5 Internal Recruiting Methods to Consider

Internal and external recruiting are nearly the same thing. The biggest difference is where candidates are sourced. There are instances where external recruiting may be the best option. However, when you are presented with the opportunity to recruit internally, you should take full advantage of the different internal recruiting methods. Initially you will find that the hiring process gets a little bit easier. Then you'll notice all the other benefits that internal recruiting offers.

Specialist, Cybersecurity (Remote)
VestasPortland, OR
Harness the power of wind and set sail to your career with an exciting job in renewable energy at Vestas!
Traveling Wind Turbine Technician II - Nationwide US
VestasPortland, OR
Performs intermediate level wind turbine maintenance and installation tasks as assigned.
Resource Manager
VestasPortland, OR
Harness the power of wind and set sail to your career with a job in renewable energy at Vestas!
Traveling Repower Technician II
VestasPortland, OR
Performs intermediate level wind turbine maintenance and installation tasks as assigned.
What Makes a Company a Great Place to Work

After one too many after-hours emails, you’re on the hunt for a new gig. But what makes a company a great place to work? And how will you know when you find one? Finding a motivating, safe, and productive work environment is important for our mental and physical health. If you’re financially frustrated, creatively stuck, or just plain over it, it’s time to find a healthier workplace where you can flourish.  

Lead Siting Engineer
VestasPortland, OR
This position is responsible for developing customer-specific technical and commercial solutions in support of Wind Power Systems business development within Vestas.
$100 - $125 Full-time
Lead Coordinator, Transactional Services
VestasPortland, OR
The Lead Transactional Services Coordinator (TSC) is a leader within the transactional business space, efficiently directing transactional work completed in assigned region from work completion through invoicing and supporting general order management issues as a backup to other functional roles.
Offshore SCADA Specialist (Remote)
VestasPortland, OR
Harness the power of wind and shape the future with a job in renewable energy at Vestas.
Manager, Repair Service Center
VestasPortland, OR
Harness the power of wind and shape the future with a job in renewable energy at Vestas!
What Makes a Good Boss? The Top 12 Qualities & Attributes

Think back to the best boss you’ve ever had—does someone come to mind? We hope so! Okay, now think back to the worst boss you’ve ever had. I’m sure you can conjure up a few faces. 

Traveling Wind Turbine Resource Supervisor
VestasPortland, OR
Work closely with SPR, Technology, and Power Plant Operations to consolidate and recommend inventory levels.

Company: vestas in Portland, OR

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