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3,765 Jobs
Senior Engineer / Consultant, Power System Strategy (Distributed Energy Focus)
General ElectricSchenectady, NY
GE Energy Consulting offers global clients a wide range of solutions across a spectrum of power generation, delivery and utilization.
Research Engineer - Biology & Applied Physics
General ElectricSchenectady, NY
The research and development work will include a variety of medical devices and applications across a range of clinical environments including wearable sensors, electrical impedance tomography, and ultrasound imaging. To Get A Job At General Electric
GE is hiring pioneers, problem solvers, dreamers and leaders - are you one of them?
By completing our Program, you will discover what it would feel like to be an HR intern in GE. (br
Research Scientist - Biosciences Preclinical Biologist
General ElectricSchenectady, NY
As a Research Scientist - Biosciences (Preclinical Biologist) within the Biology and Applied Physics organization you will work within a multidisciplinary team of researchers to design and execute in vivo experiments to advance the development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic technologies.
Hypersonic Technologies Intern
General ElectricSchenectady, NY
An internship in Hypersonic Technologies at GE Research provides students an opportunity to gain hands-on experience working collaboratively with our researchers developing advanced technologies enabling the future of high-speed flight.
Technology Director, Materials & Manufacturing Technologies - Aviation Research
General ElectricSchenectady, NY
Aviation Research will continue to play a vital role in supporting the industry through a historic recovery while shaping the future of flight.
Technician - Mechanical
General ElectricSchenectady, NY
The Heat Transfer & Thermal Management Technician will work with a team of engineers to design, build, and instrument heat transfer and thermal management test hardware and systems enabling the Future of Flight and the Energy Transition.
10 Reasons HR is Important to an Organization

"Nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people."

Senior Embedded Software Engineer
General ElectricSchenectady, NY
As a Senior Embedded Software Engineer, you will have the opportunity to architect and develop state-of-the-art embedded systems for real-time controls and communication applications in the aerospace, power generation, renewable energy, healthcare, or defense industry.
Research Scientist - High Temperature Ceramic Coatings
General ElectricSchenectady, NY
At GE Research we have a long history of delivering new innovations in ceramics for a wide range of technologies.
FACTS Project Engineer
General ElectricSaratoga Springs, NY
Grid Solutions, a GE Renewable Energy business, serves customers globally with over 12,000 employees.
Research Engineer - Advanced Machining
General ElectricSchenectady, NY
As an Advanced Machining Research Engineer, you will work with a group of researchers and scientists in cutting edge manufacturing process development.
7 Importances of Organizational Culture and How to Build It

The world of work has drastically changed in the past few years. Where a good salary and a nice office might have been enough to attract talent in the past, employees today expect flexibility, growth opportunities, and a healthy work environment. In fact, 77% of applicants say they’d consider a company’s culture before applying for a job. 

Senior Engineer - GE Energy Consulting - PSOP
General ElectricSchenectady, NY
Our Power Economics team offers analyses focused on the understanding and the study of the financial and physical operation of the electric power systems including generation and grid planning, system optimization, asset valuation, competitive power markets and energy policy implications.
Technology Director, Aero - Thermal & Mechanical Systems - Aviation Research
General ElectricSchenectady, NY
Aviation Research will continue to play a vital role in supporting the industry through a historic recovery while shaping the future of flight.
Material And Equipment Process Engineer
General ElectricSchenectady, NY
As a Material and Process engineer on our Ceramics and Composites team you will support research and development of advanced ceramic materials and processing for a broad range of current and future GE products.
Research Scientist - Metallurgy
General ElectricSchenectady, NY
Metallurgists are responsible for technical direction and research execution related to work in new alloy design, processing and property optimization, microstructure quantification, root cause analysis for a manufacturing improvement, and metallurgy-based service & repair work.
Collaborative Recruiting: The Key to a Better Talent Acquisition Strategy

Talent acquisition is a multi-stage process where candidates undergo various application steps before getting hired. The unfortunate reality is that it is a labor-intense system, with the hiring manager and recruiter often handling all of the work on their own. Ask any one of them, and you will hear about the overabundance of applications and the demanding task of filtering through them to find the best candidates. The quality of talent suffers under the weight of all that work on one person's hands. It's not easy, but as many companies are starting to realize, there is a better way. The future of talent acquisition lies in collaborative recruiting!

Senior Engineer / Consultant - Power System Services
General ElectricSchenectady, NY
GE Energy Consulting offers global clients a wide range of solutions across a spectrum of power generation, delivery and utilization.

Company: general electric in Schenectady, NY

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