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25 Jobs
Director, Epidemiology
Genesis ResearchEdison, NJ
Accountabilities within this role: Be a Genesis Research resource on study design, methodology, and result interpretation for all RWE Deliverables Ensure maximum utilization of teams of epidemiologists, health services researchers charged with designing, implementing, and managing a wide range of studies assess the distribution, patterns and determinants of health and disease conditions and examine access to and the use, costs, quality, delivery, organization, and outcomes of health care.
Executive Director And Head of Observational Research
Genesis ResearchHoboken, NJ
We are looking for an individual with demonstrated leadership, biopharma industry experience, and strong methodological skills to lead a growing team (currently 25) of analysts, statisticians, epidemiologists and Real World Evidence (RWE) scientists. Needed To Cite Evidence
You'll learn how to do this in our innovative and evidence-based training prog
Prepare for lessons each day by clocking in and out on time, preparing equipment and class cards, and reviewing lesson plans at the start of each lesson
Scientist, Real World Evidence
Genesis ResearchHoboken, NJ
We are looking for an experienced Real World Evidence (RWE) Scientist to join our research team. Generate Evidence and Analyze large and complex healthcare data (Claims, EMR, and Registry Data) using R, SQL, Python.
Associate, MetaResearch
Genesis ResearchHoboken, NJ
Proficiency in scientific literature databases and evidence synthesis methodology approaches. This position requires a background in Life Sciences (pharmaceutical and/or medical device) as well as in-depth knowledge of methods for evidence synthesis and statistical analysis.
Principal Scientist, Biostatistics
Genesis ResearchHoboken, NJ
Our Biostatistics team has seen exceptional growth and success in providing comprehensive support to Life Science organizations - planning, executing and communicating Real-World Evidence. Impact the end-to-end generation of real-world evidence (RWE) including study design, analytic planning, results interpretation and dissemination.
Director, Evidence Strategy
Genesis ResearchDayton, NJ
Our Client Management & Evidence Strategy team is looking for a Director with demonstrated RWE/HE&OR consultancy and/or biopharma industry experience, strategic leadership, and communication skills.
10 Reasons to Be on Time at Work

Being punctual at work may not be something you’ve given much thought to, but it’s the foundation for building a successful career. All of your technical or job-specific skills will be in vain if your peers and superiors can’t trust you to show up on time and do the work. In fact, Simon Sinek once famously said that

Genesis Research: Scientist, Real World Evidence
Genesis ResearchHoboken, NJ
Job DescriptionGenesis Research is an international healthcare consultancy providing value evidence strategy, generation, synthesis, and communication services to Life Sciences companies. Our RWE-S team has seen exceptional growth and success in providing holistic and comprehensive support to Life Science organizations.
Business Development Director
Genesis ResearchNewark, NJ
Genesis Research is an international healthcare consultancy providing value evidence strategy, generation, synthesis, and communication services to Life Sciences companies. Graduate degree (Doctorate or Masters) in a RWE/HE&OR-related field (e.g., public health, epidemiology, MBA, health services research) also preferred.
Associate, Data Analytics
Genesis ResearchHoboken, NJ
Associate Data Analytics Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Genesis Research Hoboken, New Jersey. Genesis Research is an international healthcare consultancy providing evidence development and communication services for Life Sciences groups.
Director, Epidemiology
Genesis ResearchJersey City, NJ
Our Epidemiology team has seen exceptional growth and success in providing comprehensive support to Life Science organizations - planning, executing, and communicating Real-World Evidence. Be a Genesis Research resource on study design, methodology, and result interpretation for all RWE Deliverables.
Recruiting in a Recession: Hard Truths That Talent Acquisition Experts Must Accept

The summer had economists from around the globe embroiled in a debate about a possible recession coming in the next few years (or months). As of October 2022, the U.S. Labor Department data put the current inflation rate at 7.7%. The recent layoffs in the tech industry are just the first of what is soon to be a string of cutbacks by companies looking to save costs. For recruiters, this means freezes in hiring and fewer openings. It will also include the uphill task of finding the best candidates for them from the coming influx of recently laid-off job seekers. Now is probably a good time to brace for tough times in the next few years in the talent acquisition industry. To survive and thrive recruiting in a recession, here are some hard truths you will need to accept.

Director, Evidence Strategy
Genesis ResearchJersey City, NJ
Be a strategic partner, advising on evidence generation strategy, study design and data source selection. Cultivate a positive work environment and uphold the Genesis Research culture.
Business Development Professional
Genesis ResearchHoboken, NJ
Skills and expertise in Health Economics, Economic Modeling, Real World Evidence, Global Value Dossiers, Market Access, and related disciplines are also conducive to success. Genesis Research is an international healthcare consultancy providing end-to-end evidence development, optimization and communication services for Life Sciences groups.
Real World Evidence (RWE) Scientist
Genesis ResearchHoboken, New Jersey
Genesis Research is an equal opportunities employer. Bachelor's degree in a technical or quantitative field from an accredited college or university (e.g., statistics/ biostatistics, epidemiology, bioinformatics, health economics, mathematics, outcomes research, public health, biology, medicine); Masters, MPH or PhD degree preferred.
Director, Epidemiology
Genesis ResearchNewark, NJ
The professional in this team will demonstrate a passion for relevant and rigorous research, ensuring that the team continues to deliver high-quality evidence in a timely manner. Genesis Research is an equal opportunity employer.
10 Importancies of Setting Realistic Goals

We’ve all heard how important it is to set professional and personal goals. Developing and establishing goals keeps us motivated and moving forward in life. But not all goals are created equal. If you’re chasing goals that are too lofty, you’ll end up disappointed when you cannot reach them. Setting goals that are achievable and measurable is the key to success.

Associate Director, Real World Evidence Solutions
Genesis ResearchHoboken, NJ
Associate Director , Real World Evidence Solutions. We are looking for an experienced real world healthcare data analytics professional to work closely with the Head of Real World Evidence Solutions to further advance our successful business.

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