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3 Jobs
Lab Technician / Lab Manager
Production of ex vivo skin models developed by Genoskin Fulfillment of tissue culture and treatment, histology, and biochemistry experiments related to the various projects according to an established schedule Preparation of sterile culture media and buffers Quick and rigorous recording of raw data and participation in their analysis Perform the weekly maintenance tasks of the laboratory Perform inventory tracking of all consumables and reagents used in the lab Place lab orders and manage communication with consumables/reagents suppliers Maintain laboratory equipment Incrementation and completion of databases necessary for laboratory functioning.
Laboratory Operations Manager
Knowledge or experience with cell / tissue culture. Genoskin is a French-American life science company with research facilities in Salem, MA and Toulouse, France. To generate more accurate human data and deliver the information faster, Genoskin uses IP-protected technologies and platforms that, for the first time, maintain donated human skin tissue in an immunocompetent and functional survival state. Job Description
Performs clerical duties necessary for the physicians to see patients; contacts patients regarding test results or for other related reasons as directed.
This unit will provide you with the fundamental basics that are essential for any nurse when applying your knowledge in the acute care setting.
Lab Technician / Lab Manager
Fulfillment of tissue culture and treatment, histology, and biochemistry experiments related to the various projects according to an established schedule. Under the supervision of the Production and Services Manager, you will be in charge of various tasks related to tissue culture and histological analysis of skin models as part of commercial productions and customer studies.

cell culture jobs Company: genoskin in Salem, MA

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