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44 Jobs
35M Warrant Officer: Human Intelligence Collection Technician
Georgia - Army National GuardFort Stewart, GA
As a Human Intelligence Collection Technician for the Army National Guard, you will utilize your strategic, cognitive, and language skills to obtain Intel from both friendly and hostile sources.
31B Military Police - Police Officer
Georgia - Army National GuardHinesville, GA
As a Military Police Officer for the Army National Guard, you ll do all of these things by protecting, defending, and upholding the law. Officer Career Progression
The role of an armor officer is to be a leader in operations specific to the armor branch and to lead others in many areas of combat operations.
You will work alongside a team of ICF assessment experts and will partner with them to bring your Army expertise to tailor a real-world solution.
12K Plumber
Georgia - Army National GuardHinesville, GA
Clean, running water and heat are necessities of life, and as a Plumber for the Army National Guard, you ll train for a career that will always be in demand.
35F Intelligence Analyst
Georgia - Army National GuardHinesville, GA
On the battlefield, success depends on accurate and timely intel.
91B Light - Wheel Vehicle Mechanic
Georgia - Army National GuardFort Stewart, GA
As a Light-Wheel Vehicle Mechanic for the Army National Guard youll ensure that anything that moves on wheels is ready to hit the road.
92A Automated Logistical Specialist - Supply Chain
Georgia - Army National GuardHinesville, GA
Keeping the back of house in order is a key factor in successful mission planning.
How to Write a Statement of Interest the Best Way

Your life's goal is to work for Company A. Their brand, their product, their reputation—it's safe to say you're a fan. The only problem is that their careers page never highlights the role that matches your skills and experience. It's a bummer for sure, but don't fret.

35N Signals Intelligence Analyst
Georgia - Army National GuardFort Stewart, GA
The Army National Guard uses powerful technology to collect information from foreign signals, and it's the Signals Intelligence Analyst who makes it possible for the Guard to use this information to their advantage.
91M Bradley Fighting Vehicle System Maintainer
Georgia - Army National GuardHinesville, GA
The Bradley Fighting Vehicle is the finishing act in battle.
91D Power - Generation Equipment Repairer
Georgia - Army National GuardHinesville, GA
As the Power-Generation Equipment Repairer, you"ll supply the power to run virtually every aspect of Army activity whenever and wherever it"s needed.
68W Health Care Specialist
Georgia - Army National GuardFort Stewart, GA
As a Health Care Specialist in the Army National Guard, you will experience a fulfilling role as an expert caretaker on and off the battlefield.
Why Work in Sales? 9 Reasons & Tips on Answering as an Interview Question!

Working in sales can be demanding and challenging, but it can also be gratifying. Sales is an excellent career with a clear path full of excitement and potential for growth. So, if you're contemplating careers and have wondered "why work in sales?", keep reading to determine if sales is a suitable role for you.

12N Horizontal Construction Engineers
Georgia - Army National GuardHinesville, GA
Before a road, airfield, or a building can be constructed, all obstacles must be removed from the site.
12T Technical Engineer
Georgia - Army National GuardHinesville, GA
Your training will enable you to assume duties that include construction site development, such as technical investigation, surveying, drafting, and the development of construction plans and specifications.
12B Combat Engineer - Construction And Engineering Specialist
Georgia - Army National GuardGlennville, GA
Combat Engineers are essential to mission success by assisting their fellow Soldiers in tackling unpredictable environments.
91L Construction Vehicle Repairer
Georgia - Army National GuardHinesville, GA
In this role, you will maintain trucks, bulldozers, power shovels, and other heavy equipment needed for construction operations.
How to Fire an Employee

So… you've finally decided to let one of your employees go. Drafting the paperwork and corresponding with HR is the easy part, but knowing how to fire an employee is where things get complicated. In fact, it is one of the most challenging conversations to have in the workplace. However, it must be done, and it must be done with poise and tact. Not only should you keep your state law in mind, but you should also consider your former employee's wellbeing.

25L Cable Systems Installer / Maintainer
Georgia - Army National GuardHinesville, GA
As a Cable Systems Installer/Maintainer, you will install the lines and equipment that allow units to connect across secure channels.

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