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Wind Turbine Technician II
VestasOklahoma City, OK
Wind Turbine Technician II
Wind Turbine Technician II - Lakota
VestasDes Moines, IA
Wind Turbine Technician II Are The Best 2nd Careers?
Here at Terminating Solutions we are not just a work force but a brotherhood and would love to bring on new competent workers.
We would love to have you join our team across North America, to travel to our job sites, and to grow and train with the best in the wind industry.
Wind Turbine Technician II - Woodward
VestasOklahoma City, OK
Wind Turbine Technician II
Project Developer
VestasPortland, OR
Responsibilities: Supervise acquisition of lease, easement and other land agreements via land agent or direct landowner contact Establish and coordinate relationships with stakeholders, including elected officials, regulators, utilities, RTO's, landowners, and community leaders, to support project development.
Technician III
VestasMontezuma, IA
Wind Turbine Technician III
Offshore Quality Project Manager
VestasNew York, NY
The Offshore Quality Project Manager will be responsible for the Quality Management of Vestas's offshore wind projects, from contract signing to when the project is handed over to the service department.
Do Your Candidates Really Need a College Degree?

As a hiring manager tasked with making major decisions, it's easy to target a college degree as a way of saying yes, this candidate is qualified. I mean, how many times have we seen candidates without degrees try to squeeze their way into positions that they aren't qualified for. In fact, many hiring managers (maybe like yourself) believe that college degrees make candidates more job-ready. However, the current job market has shifted so much recently that it begs the question

Wind Turbine Technician II - Saratoga
VestasLime Springs, IA
Skilled Worker / Semi-Skilled Worker | Full-TimeVestas Wind Technology, Inc. Wind Turbine Technician II Lime Springs, IA {Saratoga Wind Farm} WHO WE ARE At Vestas, we live our company values of Accountability, Collaboration, Simplicity and Passion.
Wind Turbine Technician II
VestasFowler, IN
Wind Turbine Technician II
Offshore HSE Project Manager
VestasBoston, MA
The Offshore HSE Project Manager will be responsible for all HSE aspects and the HSE Management of Vestas' offshore wind projects in the United States, from contract signing to when projects are handed over to Service.
Port Operations Specialist
VestasBoston, MA
As a Port Operations Specialist you will be responsible for commercial, technical and operational interfaces with port operators, vessel operators and heavy lifting operators for the land base pre-installation and service scopes of offshore wind projects.
Hiring Taking Too Long?

We all know one of the biggest downfalls of a successful recruiting and hiring process is the amount of time it takes to hire someone. The time it takes to hire is sometimes completely out of line with applicant's expectations, creating a huge gap between candidates and businesses. Meanwhile, most recruiters and hiring managers don't even notice that they're taking too long. They have been fighting the symptoms of a too-long-hiring process without addressing the problem at the root. Here, we will expose some of those symptoms and offer solutions to help shorten your hiring process.

Traveling Blade Repair Technician II
VestasDallas, TX
Performs intermediate level wind turbine maintenance or installation tasks as assigned.
Wind Turbine Technician II - Ekola
VestasHanna, WY
Wind Turbine Technician II
Head of IT / OT Test & Release
VestasPhilippi, WV
Testing activities may include tracking of defects and subsequent fixes, in close collaboration with IT/OT User Support services
$150 - $200
Wind Turbine Technician II - Portales
VestasRogers, NM
Wind Turbine Technician II
Learn How to Respond to an Interview Request With Templates

Job interviews are an inevitable part of any job search. So, handling them well is key to building a fulfilling career. Regardless of whether you’re looking at a more junior role or strive for a role as a business executive, you need to maintain your professionalism every step of the way in order to stay in the game.

Lead Engineer, Cyber Security
VestasHamburg, NY
If you want to make a difference with the global leader in renewable wind energy, please join our community of skilled colleagues, where we focus on knowledge sharing and cross-regional support.

Company: vestas

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