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Food Service Director DSD Food Service Manager - River View Nursing
ISH Dining ServicesWilkes-Barre, PA
River View Nursing Facility is seeking a Dietary Manager/Food Service Director to manage our kitchen by planning, organizing, and directing the overall operations of the Dining Services department in accordance with current federal, state, and local standards and ensuring quality nutritional meals are prepared and served from kitchens maintained in a clean, safe and sanitary manner.
Food Service Director DSD Food Service Manager
ISH Dining ServicesWilkes-Barre, PA
Food service management: 1 year (Required) · Prior food service experience in a long-term care setting, preferred. · Is responsible for food purchase, production, and timely service of meals. Service Director Certificate
Maintain professional standards at all times with food preparation and handling, as well as maintaining a high level of good housekeeping.
Responsible for carrying out the policies and procedures of the facility to insure the best quality of food is delivered to the residents.
Food Service Director DSD Food Service Manager - River View Nursing
ISH Dining ServicesWilkes-Barre, PA
Purchases food products from approved vendors. ISH Dining Services - Must be knowledgeable of Federal and State rules and regulations regarding nursing home dietary requirements.
Food Service Director DSD Food Service Manager
ISH Dining ServicesWilkes-Barre, PA
Must be CDM certified. Graduate of a culinary or nutritional program preferred. Plans nutritionally balanced & therapeutic meals that reflect the likes and dislikes of residents, as well as Public Health regulations.
Food Service Director DSD Food Service Manager - River View
ISH Dining ServicesWilkes-Barre, PA
Inspects the Dietary Department daily to ensure that it is safe and sanitary. Hires, orients, trains, counsels, disciplines, and when appropriate, terminates dietary employees. Directs and supervises all dietary functions and personnel.

dsd jobs Title: food service director Company: ish dining services

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