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Site Director
Geneva Senior CenterGeneva-on-the-Lake, OH
The Geneva Senior Center is in search for a 25 hr/wk
Site Director
Geneva Senior CenterGeneva On The Lake, OH
The Geneva Senior Center is in search for a 25 hr/wk Manager Certification
This position will provide a high level of support to Monument Health caregivers via work order ticket system, phone or in person.
Job AT CSI we need people with talent, vision and passion like you to continue to grow and spread the news about our unique style of management.
Site Director
Geneva Senior CenterGeneva, OH
The Geneva Senior Center is in search for a 25 hr/wk
Site Manager
Geneva Senior CenterGeneva-on-the-Lake, OH
Geneva Senior Center located at 62 West Main St., Geneva is seeking a SITE MANAGER Interested individuals must have computer skills and be able to conduct virtual conferences.
Program Coordinator
Geneva Senior CenterGeneva-on-the-Lake, OH
The Geneva Senior Center is looking for an individual to coordinate all in person and online program activities with this part time position.

Company: geneva senior center

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