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Maybe you meant molecular biology
Senior Scientist - Molecular And Cellular Pharmacology
Alpha ConsultingSan Diego, CA
The Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Group in Oncology TRC focuses on delivering novel cancer therapeutics by engaging E3 ubiquitin ligases for targeted protein degradation.
Integrated ResourcesSan Diego, CA
POSITION (Sr) Associate Scientist (Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology) Is A VFA Fellow?
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Scientific - Biologists
HonorVet TechnologiesSan Diego, CA
POSITION (Sr) Associate Scientist (Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology)
Scientist - Molecular & Cellular Pharmacology
YohCambridge, MA
Scientist - Molecular & Cellular Pharmacology
Cancer Cell Biologist Senior Research Scientist
Virginia Commonwealth UniversityRichmond, VA
Education: Highly talented individuals with PhD and 6+ years relevant experience in cancer molecular biology, biochemistry, cancer cell biology, pharmacology, in vivo anti-tumor efficacy in animal models and/or drug discovery.
Postdoctoral Fellow - Postdoctoral Fellow - Biochemical Cellular Pharmacology - Chen Lab / Stanford - Du B
GenentechSouth San Francisco, CA
The postdoc will employ a combination of techniques including electrophysiology, chemical biology, molecular biology, and structural biology, and will have the opportunity of interacting with scientists in the broad Genentech and Stanford research communities.
How do Good Interviewers Prepare for Interviews?

Just like candidates take the time to research you and your company, you should take the time to prepare for the interview. Preparing for the interview doesn't just reflect well on your employer brand and create a better candidate experience. Preparation also helps prevent bad hiring decisions. Bad hiring decisions are usually a result of poor execution during the hiring process. However, going into an interview fully prepared and ready to evaluate candidates will help avoid bad hires. So, here are 6 interview preparation tips for employers.

Postdoctoral Fellow - Emerging Therapeutic Modalities
Amgen IncThousand Oaks, CA
New postdoctoral fellows will take a multi-disciplinary approach combining chemical biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, pharmacology, and analytical chemistry to carry out these studies.
Institute Associate Scientist II - in Vivo Pharmacology
MD Anderson Cancer CenterHouston, TX
Required: Bachelor's degree in Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Enzymology, Pharmacology, Chemistry or related field.
Senior Research Associate
Integrated ResourcesSan Diego, CA
The Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Group in the Oncogenesis TRC at
$100 - $125
Research Assistant, Pharmacology & Systems Physiology
University of CincinnatiCincinnati, OH
Essential Functions Performs common molecular and cell biology approaches including mammalian cell tissue culture, DNA, RNA, and protein isolation, western blotting, immunocytochemistry, bacterial transformation, plasmid DNA preparation, PCR, cell transfection, DNA subcloning, and manipulation.
How Does Salary Pay Work? (Compared to Hourly Pay)

At the bottom of each job advertisement, companies label a role as salaried or hourly. Both methods will get you paid (yay), but each in very different ways. So, it's essential to figure out how does salary pay work? While employees paid by the hour are paid based on how long they work, employers pay salaried employees a fixed amount.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Neuropharmacology
Creighton UniversityOmaha, NE
The project uses a multidisciplinary approach including genetic models, electrophysiology, ex vivo optogenetics, behavior and chemogenetic modulation of behavior and molecular biology to define the mechanisms by which neural circuits are regulated by NMDA and glutamate delta receptors.
Research Scientist
Alpha ConsultingCambridge, MA
The ideal candidate will have strong protein biochemistry and molecular biology experience to support protein purification and characterization.
Senior Research Scientist I Cell Biology
Curia IncBuffalo, NY
Apply and be able to train others in a broad spectrum of practical laboratory skills; including molecular biology, cell culture, biochemistry, assay development, in depth analysis of bioactivity data and the use of automated equipment
Senior Associate Scientist, DNA - Encoded Libraries And in Vitro Pharmacology
PfizerGroton, CT
Hands-on molecular biology experience (PCR), familiarity with qPCR or Next Gen Sequencing sample preparation is a plus.
The Quiet Quitting Phenomenon

The term, quiet quitting, was coined in 2009, but only now is it gaining traction as young Millennials and Gen Z workers are experiencing record levels of burnout. With the pandemic and the state of the economy, young employees are feeling the pressure. So, quiet quitting comes into effect when that pressure is exasperated by work stress and no managerial support.

Senior Research Scientist I Cell Biology
Curia (Formerly AMRI)Buffalo, NY
Apply and be able to train others in a broad spectrum of practical laboratory skills; including molecular biology, cell culture, biochemistry, assay development, in depth analysis of bioactivity data and the use of automated equipment

molecular pharmacology jobs Title: post doctoral fellow Company: emory university

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