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Boiler Technician
Banks BoilerALBANY, GA
Boiler Technicians are responsible for performing services on the following types of equipment: Low-pressure commercial boilers High-pressure commercial boilers Power boilers Steam boilers Hot water heating systems Gas, oil, coal, solid waste, wood, biomass and hybrid fuel-fired systems Packaged burner systems Feed water systems Blowdown separators Pumps Stokers Control panels Exhaust stacks Fuel tanks Heat exchangers Chemical feed systems Other auxiliary components of commercial boiler systems
Boiler Technician - Boiler Service (Commercial/Industrial)
McCain Boiler ServicesBirmingham, AL
Direct hands-on experience and good working knowledge of steam and/or hot water boilers, burners (gas and oil combustion), associated controls and electrical circuits, and associated piping systems. Jobs Pay Surprisingly Well?
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Boiler Technician
Icon BoilerGreensboro, NC
Material handling demands include lifting from floor level to overhead, with occasional lifting up to 115 lbs., frequent lifting up to 50 lbs., and constant lifting up to 25 lbs., placing the position in the Very Heavy Physical Demand Classification (PDC).
Boiler Technician
Larry's Boiler ServiceOmaha, NE
Boiler technician will service, trouble shoot, repair and install boiler controls, burners, piping and accessories.
Boiler Technician
United BoilerAtlanta, GA
Basic knowledge of boiler design: (atmospheric, sealed combustion, condensing, hybrid, low/high pressure steam, hydronic, domestic hot water, power burners, etc.)
Boiler Operators
American Boiler CompanyLakewood, NJ
Qualifications of Boiler Operator(s): All boiler operators will have a Blue Seal or Black Seal High-Pressure license.
$22 - $30 an hour Part-time
Management Job Titles: Which One Fits You?

We all know what managers do because we’ve all worked under at least one (if not many) over the course of our careers. And, boy, can they impact our lives – both at the office and personally. On one hand, a bad manager can torpedo morale and even drive us to seek a new job. Someone who is good at managing others, on the other hand, will inspire and motivate us. In the same way, managers – good and bad - directly impact our happiness at work (and in life). 

Boiler Operators
801 BoilerDelanco, NJ
Boiler Operator: 1 year (Preferred)
Boiler Mechanic
McCain Boiler ServicesNew York, NY
Ideal candidates will have knowledge of steam and hot water boilers, and especially their typical piping, tubing and refractory construction.
Boiler Technician
McKenna Boiler WorksOceanside, CA
Applicant must have a working knowledge of industrial, commercial and process boiler/burner systems.
Boiler Technician
Mccain Boiler ServicesMobile County, AL
We represent such industry leaders such as Babcock & Wilcox, Coen, Todd, Peabody, Power Flame, John Zink Hamworthy, Hurst Boiler and many others.
How to Write a Warehouse Manager Resume (Tips & Examples)

Warehouse managers are in high demand these days, in large part due to the popularity of e-commerce companies like Amazon and eBay. Not only are they in demand, but the average salary has been increasing as well. This is good news if you’ve been working in a warehouse for several years and are looking to progress in your career.

Boiler Technician
Boiler Tech Inc.Circleville, OH
Job Description: · Hot water and steam boiler start up and commissioning.
$20 an hour depends on experience Full-time
Boiler Technician
Holman Boiler WorksCorpus Christi, TX
Successful candidate must have a good working knowledge of fire-tube and water-tube boiler systems, industrial boiler/burner systems, preferably with various manufacturers equipment (Superior, Johnston, Cleaver Brooks, Nebraska, Powerflame, Todd, etc.)
Boiler Mechanic
McCain Boiler ServicesSaint Petersburg, FL
Ideal candidates will have knowledge of steam and hot water boilers, and especially their typical piping, tubing and refractory construction.
Boiler Mechanic
McCain Boiler ServicesAugusta, GA
Ideal candidates will have knowledge of steam and hot water boilers, and especially their typical piping, tubing and refractory construction.
Help! Which Best Regards Variation Should I Use?

When it comes to writing a cover letter or other professional correspondence, people pay attention to the introduction and body text, but what about the ending? While a simple “thank you” often works, there are many times when it doesn’t and you may need a backup closing. One of the best closings to consider is regards. So, here are a few things to consider, as well a few variations to try. 

Boiler Service
Boiler Tech IncColumbus, OH
Job responsibilities include opening and closing boilers, changing gaskets, refractory repair, troubleshooting electrical and mechaniacl failures, and commisioning new boilers.


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