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Work at Home Bilingual Retention Account Executive

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Dish NetworkBatesville, AR
Full-timeWork from home
  • This may be a remote role, which can sit in any of the following 34 states: AL, AR, AZ, CO, DE, FL, GA, IA, IL, IN KS, KY, LA, MD, MI, MN, MO, MS, NC, ND, NE, NM, NJ, OH, OK, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, WI, WV, and WY. Please only apply if you are able to live and work full-time in one of the states listed above.
  • State locations and specifics are subject to change as our hiring requirements shift.
  • Please be sure to submit an updated resume with your application.
  • Are you goal-oriented with the ability to influence others?
  • Do you need to make at least $50,000 annually with the ability to earn over $100,000?
  • Join our elite award-winning inside sales team focused on acquiring and retaining DISH customers!
  • Whats In It for You?
  • Total target compensation for this position is $29.50 per hour which consists of base pay and commission, with potential to earn significantly more based on performance.
  • In a sales force of over 1,000 team members, the top 10% earned more than $100,000 !
  • What else is in it for you?
  • Paid training with the ability to earn a $3,000 bonus
  • Insurance Benefits including Medical, Dental, and Vision
  • Paid time off - vacation and sick time
  • 401(k) retirement plan with company-matched funds plus generous profit sharing
  • Stock Purchase Plan - Ability to acquire DISH stock at discounted rates
  • Free DISH TV at your home, plus deeply discounted Sling TV and Boost Mobile plans
  • Incredible Rewards and Recognition program trophies and food days, branded clothing and high-value prizes, on and off-site events, elaborate rewards trips, and much more!
  • And our greatest benefit is opportunity , as we promote from within!
  • Ability to promote two levels within your first year with commensurate title and hourly pay increase
  • Ability to promote into multiple levels of sales management
  • Ability to promote and transfer into corporate departments like marketing or finance
  • Ongoing training and development to maximize your career potential
  • Weve built a loyal customer base by selling our products and services with authenticity and integrity.
  • Our inbound sales and customer retention teams foster trust with existing and future customers by educating and selling them on the long-term value of DISHs products and services using a consultative approach.
  • This position is 100% inbound new and existing customers - no cold calling!
  • The Associate Account Executive position provides incredible opportunities to develop sales skills, earn, and grow a long-term career with a Fortune 200 company with over $15 billion in revenue, even if youve never worked in sales previously.
  • Well provide the training and development, and you provide the effort and winning attitude!
  • Must be a high school graduate; college graduates preferred
  • Candidates must successfully complete a pre-employment screen, which may include a drug test
  • Candidate does not live within a 50 mile radius of a Direct Sales facility
  • Candidates must be able to successfully meet the internet requirements (internet can not be satellite)
  • Thrive in high energy, highly competitive performance-driven environment
  • Adapt well to change both in the sales process and work hours, and understands the importance of time management and productivity
  • Are coachable, open to learning new methods, and looking to advance either as an individual contributor or through management training
  • Are technology savvy with an ability to effortlessly navigate in a PC environment using multiple web-based applications
  • Prior phone sales or customer retention experience is helpful but not required if commensurate experience in high performance / high earnings positions, or can demonstrate other tangible abilities with an aptitude for success in our environment.
  • Must be a HS graduate while college graduates welcomed
  • Where you'll be working
  • You'll be working from home!
  • At DISH, we understand the modern employee may need to operate fast on their feet and out of the office.
  • Working from home allows you to perform a professional workday from the comfort of your home.
  • As a Work-at-Home (WAH) employee, you will have additional responsibilities concerning your home environment and the requirements regarding the capabilities of your computer and mobile device.
  • Computer & Accessories
  • DISH will supply a PC tower loaded with all of the software necessary for your employment.
  • This tower is not Bluetooth enabled.
  • All equipment must be wired.
  • Monitors must connect to the PC tower using a VGA, Displayport, or DVI/HDMI via DisplayPort converter cord, pictured below
  • DISH PC Towers DO NOT have an HDMI port, and only have ONE VGA port.
  • Many WAH agents need either one or two cable adapters, for this reason
  • USB Keyboard and Mouse
  • Noise-canceling USB headset that is not Bluetooth
  • TWO computer monitors at least 19 in size
  • Ethernet cable long enough to connect directly from your work location to your Internet router location
  • Stable Cable, DSL, or Fiber ISP internet connection with minimum 25 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload speed with 99% uptime and no bandwidth or data caps
  • Wired ethernet between modem and PC without the use of an adapter: Wi-Fi / wireless is not supported
  • Smartphone capable of placing and receiving voice and video calls, SMS messages with access to the App store
  • Home Environment and Work Space
  • Dedicated home office workspace, preferably a separate room with its own door
  • Adequate space to set up the workstation
  • Ability to hardwire internet, plug directly into router
  • Three power connections- either three outlets or a power strip (one for each monitor and one for the PC tower)
  • Agents are responsible for maintaining the workspace in a safe condition
  • Personal disruptions are not allowed during scheduled hours and should not be audible in background noise.
  • Non-work-related phone calls
  • You are scheduled on the phone throughout the entirety of your shift.
  • Its important to understand this job does not allow flexibility to answer the door or be on-call care for others during work hours
  • All costs to meet and maintain these requirements are the responsibility of the employee and are not reimbursed by DISH, except where required by law.
  • At Dish, we celebrate and embrace diversity and inclusion, where all people are welcome and supported.
  • Learn more about how our employees come together, share common interests and make important connections, both in and out of work;
  • From versatile health perks to new career opportunities, check out our benefits on our.
  • Candidates need to successfully complete a pre-employment screen, which may include a drug test.

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As a Work-at-Home (WAH) employee, you will have additional responsibilities concerning your home environment and the requirements regarding the capabilities of your computer and mobile device.
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