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Variable Resolution Terrain & Operations Research

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Weapons and Materials ResearchAberdeen Proving Ground, MD
  • Research is pursued in energetic materials dynamics, propulsion/flight physics, projectile warhead mechanics, terminal effects phenomena, armor/survivability technologies, environmental chemistry, and advanced materials (energetic, metals, ceramics, polymers, composite/hybrids, and mechanics) for armor, armament, missiles, ground vehicles, helicopters, and individual soldier applications necessary for maintaining and ensuring supremacy in future land warfare.
  • The Postdoctoral Fellowship Program for the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) provides opportunities to participate in ARL’s on-going and applied research and development projects through its programs in: Computational & Information Science, Human Research and Engineering, Survivability & Lethality Analysis, Sensors & Electron Devices, Weapons & Materials Research, and Vehicle Technology.
  • Summer Faculty Fellows: Summer Faculty Fellows must meet the requirements of the Postdoctoral Fellows or the Senior Researcher as described above.
  • Apply Open Projects How To Apply Current Customers Eligibility FAQ Site Map Oak Ridge Institute for Science EducationORISE is managed for the U.S. Department of Energy by ORAU Privacy/Security Statement 4692 Millennium Drive, Suite 101 Belcamp, Maryland 21017 410-306-9200 | Fax: 410-306-9306 | Recruiter@orau.
  • BENEFITS OF PARTICIPATING IN THE ARL POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM Selected Fellows/Researchers will have the opportunity to perform research on topics of interest to the U.S. Government and to interact with leading scientists performing research and/or advising at the sponsor.
  • Each applicant's proposal must be approved by an ARL Advisor and endorsed by the appropriate ARL directorate ORAU POC. To apply for a postdoctoral fellowship please click this link.
  • The research opportunity is to extend the mathematical formulation currently being utilized in the VRT model to more accurately represent urban terrain and features.
  • Transcript verifying receipt of postdoctoral degree must be submitted with the application.
Expired 7 years agoInactive Job

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