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Senior Tech Lead Software Engineer, Shop Backend, Mobile, Or Frontend Development (Remote, Americas)

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ShopifyPhiladelphia, PA
  • Company Description Shopify and Shop are now permanently remote and we're working towards a future that is digital by default.
  • That location you see above?
  • Consider it merely an example of hundreds of potential locations across North America where Shopify is hiring.
  • Learn more here: Shopify has focused the last decade on solving complex problems for entrepreneurs by making commerce seamless and accessible.
  • Now, we want to do the same for customers through Shop.
  • Shop is on a mission to change how we shop.
  • From the fastest checkout experience in Shop Pay to all-in-one order tracking and easy ways to find and shop local brands in app, Shop is making shopping better one step at a time for both shoppers and the merchants they buy from.
  • Having launched less than a year ago, Shop is already one of the top 5 apps in North America and we're just getting started.
  • We're looking for a Senior Tech Lead Software Engineer to join our team as we turn Shop into one of the most beloved products and brands in the world.
  • We want shoppers to be able to develop meaningful connections with the brands they love, and we believe that Shop is the answer to helping foster those relationships with the powerhouse of Shopify merchants we love and support.
  • Job Description At Shop, Senior Tech Lead Engineers (also referred to as Senior Staff Engineers ) use their expertise and passion to multiply the overall output of their development team.
  • As a senior technical leader, you’ll help drive the product vision to its implementation with impact across multiple teams.
  • You will work with your team to design and build technically innovative solutions that empower all teams at Shop to build great products for buyers and sellers.
  • You will build highly scalable, performant, and reliable products that benefit directly from the work you do.
  • You will maintain a high bar for quality and lead and mentor other engineers.
  • And of course, you’ll be hands-on in the code and contribute technically.
  • We’re recruiting Senior Lead Software Engineers to join teams in any one of these disciplines.
  • Based on your experience and interests, let us know which one you identify with most in your application!
  • Back End Development On the Back End development side, we’re looking for engineers with a passion for solving tough problems with performant code to power Shop and Shopify APIs and data processing pipelines.
  • Our teams deploy new code many times a day across Shop and Shopify backend systems, we are mindful of the impact our code has on performance, and our production scale is large.
  • With billions of requests a day, we’re serving many millions of buyers and over 1 million sellers who will see your work within seconds – an important and incredibly rewarding responsibility.
  • While Shop has its own services we have plenty of interactions and integrations with the Shopify core codebases.
  • There is no red tape and we leverage this fact whenever it supports our goal of building high-quality products faster.
  • Shopify is the largest Ruby on Rails application in the world and we're a big part of the Rails community.
  • Mobile Development (React Native, Android & iOS) On the Mobile development side, we’re looking for engineers with a passion for shipping performant, high-quality mobile consumer experiences.
  • The Shop app is built using React Native for which we have developed sophisticated tooling and development pipelines that allow us to more easily build and maintain high-quality features at speed.
  • We leverage seamless over-the-air updates to distribute internal testing of work in progress pull requests to thousands of staff users and ship production versions with server-side-controlled feature flags and end-user performance monitoring.
  • This allows us to move at a fast pace with feedback loops and iterations in the collaboration between our development teams and the design and product management teams.
  • These features combined with our many millions of daily users give opportunities to do early-stage testing and quickly learn how our technology and products perform and if we are bringing value to our users.
  • Front End Development On the Front End development, we’re looking for engineers who appreciate the blurred line between web and mobile development.
  • We’ve come a long way at reducing the distinction between web and mobile development and will continue to leverage the best of these two disciplines to make development across both areas easier and more impactful.
  • As a frontend engineer, you’ll work with web and mobile products in close collaboration with other software development teams, designers, product managers, and marketers to not only build incredible web products and marketing campaigns but also shipping those features in our mobile products.
  • Besides Ruby on Rails for some web projects we use the latest web standards in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and modern technologies and frameworks like Typescript, React, GraphQL, Apollo, to develop great web and mobile applications that scale and perform well on all devices.
  • We have well-established onboarding and growth programs to help engineers bridge the gap between web and mobile development.
  • In fact, many of our mobile engineers come from a web development background and are now some of the most important contributors to the mobile products our users love and use daily.
  • Learn and grow constantly to feed your passion for self-improvement and make those around you better
  • Design and build highly available, resilient, and scalable platform primitives & API
  • Work through problems with your team, roll up your sleeves, form an opinion and advocate for engineering-specific roadmap items
  • Collaborate with other Shop and Shopify leaders, executives, and external partners to provide the best commerce experience for buyers and sellers.
  • A proven track record of strong technical mentorship and influencing the technical direction for sizeable technical organizations
  • Experience building large scale, high throughput distributed systems and scaling web services, particularly those using and analyzing large amounts of data
  • High level of fluency with and experience using technologies and frameworks like (but not limited to) some of our most-used languages - Ruby on Rails, GraphQL, Java/JEE, Node.js, PHP, Python, React or React Native, Golang, Kubernetes - or deep experience with any object-oriented language and relevant transferrable technologies
  • A passion for efficiency and collaboration, with a history of establishing great relationships with UX and Product Management teams across time zones
  • A commitment and drive for quality, technical excellence and results
  • Curiosity and passion to constantly learn new things; Shop and Shopify change fast, and we need the people who work here to be able to change and learn fast too
  • Proficiency in systems thinking and systems design concepts like transactions, atomicity, idempotency, etc.
  • Raise the quality and speed (team efficiency) bar and move the platform into a position of maximum leverage
  • Use the right tool for the job, fix problems are the right level of abstraction and optimize to meet both functional and non-functional goals
  • We know that looking for a new role can be both exciting and time-consuming, and we truly appreciate your effort.
  • And remember, we want to know what you want to build and why you wan to build it at Shop , so please give us as much detail on this as you'd like in the answers on the next page.
  • Shopify and Shop are now permanently remote, and working towards a future that is digital by default.
  • Our belief is that a strong commitment to diversity & inclusion enables us to truly make commerce better for everyone.
  • We encourage applications from Indigenous peoples, racialized people, people with disabilities, people from gender and sexually diverse communities, and/or people with intersectional identities.
  • At Shop, we understand that experience comes in many forms.
  • We’re dedicated to adding new perspectives to the team - so if your experience is this close to what we’re looking for, please consider applying.
  • Interested, but not ready to apply?

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