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Medical Technologist II, Blood Bank

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Emory UniversityAtlanta, GA
  • JOB DESCRIPTION: Performs various laboratory tests and procedures while adhering to standard operating procedures on patient specimens to assist in the diagnosis, study and treatment, or prevention of disease.
  • Upholds the values of the organization including providing and demonstrating exemplary customer service skills throughout the preanalytical, analytical and post analytical processes.
  • May perform tests including but not limited to standardized and semi-routine biological, chemical, hematological, immunological, immunohematological, microbiological, and serological tests in a research or clinical laboratory.
  • Performs preventive maintenance on laboratory instruments and calibrates equipment and instruments as required.
  • Operates laboratory equipment and troubleshoots equipment and instrument malfunctions.
  • May serve as key operator for implementation of new equipment and procedures.
  • Prepares reagents as needed.
  • Monitors and ensures adequate inventory supply.
  • May be responsible for ordering.
  • Responsible for quality control.
  • Assists in gathering data to monitor quality improvement standards and in preparing reports.
  • Evaluates the validity of acceptable specimens and test results; compares them to previous results and other laboratory data.
  • Identifies critical values, confirms and reports following standard operating procedures.
  • In complex cases, evaluates all information and determines whether test results should be released, repeated, or referred to a pathologist.
  • Refers abnormal or unexpected results to the appropriate individual(s).
  • Maintains accurate and complete documentation of patient information, equipment, and test results to comply with regulations.
  • Documents corrective actions taken for out of range test values.
  • Maintains clean, orderly and safe work area.
  • May serve on laboratory's safety committee; write and maintain safety and infection control policies and procedures, and ensure correct Safety Data Sheets are maintained.
  • Complies with hospital and laboratory safety and infection control policies and procedures to prevent exposure to infectious materials.
  • May monitor staff during safety compliance audits or drills.
  • Performs required calculation and reports results by phone and/or computer.
  • Audits computer reports to ensure that scheduled tests have been completed.
  • May independently research and assist in development of new procedures; compile and evaluate data and perform statistical analyses.
  • May be responsible for section's data base files and/or assist in software testing.
  • Educates staff and students by demonstrating procedures and assisting in orientation and continuing education activities.
  • May teach medical technology theory and techniques while providing guidance to lower level technologists; develop teaching plans and student assessment tools; prepare written examinations.
  • Attends educational in-services as appropriate.
  • Maintains certification as required.
  • Works with leader to formulate plan for professional development.
  • Participates in professional activities and organizations to maintain knowledge of current trends, practices, and developments.
  • May perform venipuncture or capillary puncture to obtain blood specimen.
  • Perform other related duties as required.
  • MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelors degree in Medical Laboratory Science or Medical Technology, or a chemical, physical or biological science.
  • Other bachelors degree will be accepted if graduated from an accredited school and science and math coursework meet requirements of certifying agency.
  • Bachelors degree may be waived for a medical technologist who was ASCP certified in the years prior to the bachelors degree requirement by ASCP and a HEW/HHS technologist certified by Health and Human Services.
  • Eligible for certification by one of the following accreditation agencies: MT (ASCP), MLS (ASCP) or categorical, MT (AMT), MT (HHS or HEW).
  • Two years experience required.
  • State of Georgia requires certification must be obtained within 18 months of cumulative employment as a medical technologist.
  • PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS (Medium): 20-50 lbs; 0-33% of the work day (occasionally); 11-25 lbs, 34-66% of the workday (frequently); 01-10 lbs, 67-100% of the workday (constantly); Lifting 50 lbs max; Carrying of objects up to 25 lbs; Occasional to frequent standing & walking, Occasional sitting, Close eye work (computers, typing, reading, writing), Physical demands may vary depending on assigned work area and work tasks.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS: Factors affecting environment conditions may vary depending on the assigned work area and tasks.
  • Environmental exposures include, but are not limited to: Blood-borne pathogen exposure Bio-hazardous waste Chemicals/gases/fumes/vapors Communicable diseases Electrical shock, Floor Surfaces, Hot/Cold Temperatures, Indoor/Outdoor conditions, Latex, Lighting, Patient care/handling injuries, Radiation, Shift work, Travel may be required.
  • Use of personal protective equipment, including respirators, environmental conditions may vary depending on assigned work area and work tasks.

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Medical Technologist II
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Medical Technologist II
Wellstar Health System, IncForest Park, GA
A place where you can serve with compassion, pursue excellence and honor every voice?
Medical Technologist II
WellStar Health System, IncAtlanta, GA
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Medical Technologist II
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At Emory Healthcare, we integrate science and caring to change the face of health care.

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