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Kitchen Manager

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TGI Fridays - 2635Orlando, FL
$30 an hour
  • To effectively supervise and manage all kitchen operations; optimizing profits by controlling food costs, production, labor and increase sales through food quality, speed of service and accurately prepared food.
  • Manages operations during scheduled shifts that include daily decision-making, staff support, Guest interaction, scheduling, planning while upholding standards, product quality and cleanliness.
  • Maintains an accurate and up-to-date manpower plan of staffing needs.
  • Prepares schedules and ensures that areas of responsibility are staffed properly for all shifts.
  • Staffs, trains and develops hourly Team Members through ongoing feedback and coaching, the establishment of performance expectations and by conducting performance reviews on a regular basis.
  • Ensures all newly hired Team Members follow and complete their appropriate training plan, including required paper and electronic paperwork (tip credit notices included where applicable).
  • Frequently interacts with Guests to ensure they receive the Fridays Service Style experience; follow up on any issues and complaints they may have.
  • Proactively runs shifts and anticipates Guest needs.
  • Ensures that the restaurant and staff are set up for an outstanding shift.
  • Carefully observes kitchen operations and addresses any issues out of alignment promptly and directly.
  • Identifies operational opportunities to build sales and control costs; develop and implement plans to address opportunities.
  • Manages inventory efficiently, accurately, and in a cost-effective manner.
  • Ensures food quality by maintaining high levels of cleanliness, organization, storage, sanitation of food products.
  • Coaches and develops talent.
  • Demonstrates responsibility for purchasing, receiving and storing food products, an inspection of local suppliers, use of correct products and proper par levels to minimize food waste and optimize food cost.
  • Fosters open communication with kitchen and FOH staff.
  • In the absence of the General Manager and as acting Manager on Duty, oversees the entire restaurant operation.
  • Ensure proper security procedures are in place to protect Team Members, Guests, and Company assets.
  • Guest relations issues
  • Vendor related issues
  • Employee relations decisions with General Managers or Human Resources input as needed Customer service issues
  • Ensures all Team Members adhere to recipe standards
  • Team Member hiring
  • Team Member terminations
  • Sales and service objective strategies
  • Guest satisfaction scores meet/exceed company standards
  • Food cost waste
  • Annual sales dollars achieved compared to budget
  • Meeting or exceeding requirements for Food Safety Audit scores for the year
  • Grow sales; meet or exceed annual sales budget
  • Team member turnover meets company requirements
  • Meeting Labor Budget
  • College coursework with Bachelor's Degree preferred
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience as a restaurant manager with extensive knowledge of restaurant operations preferred
  • Prior experience in purchasing and production
  • Previous kitchen experience preferred
  • Must be able to walk and stand during entire shift
  • Frequent bending and stooping required
  • Must be able to lift up to 30 lbs.
  • Must be able to read and write English
  • Must be able to hear well amongst loud background noise
  • ASSESSING AND SELECTING TALENT : Effectively identifies and evaluates the talent for the kitchen in order to select individuals that exhibit pride, passion and personality and build top performing teams.
  • Proactively identifies strong BOH candidates and "sells" the brand in order to get the best talent on board.
  • Utilizes selection tools and processes as guidelines to effectively assess and hire the right people for the team.
  • Supports selection decisions by identifying high potential within the team in order to maximize internal promotes.
  • Identifies great talent based on diverse backgrounds, skills, and abilities as well as common passion for the kitchen.
  • Understands where individual talent can be best utilized; matches the right people with the right job.
  • Knows who top performers are and takes the necessary steps to engage and retain them.
  • Ensures that new employees are equipped with the proper training and resources necessary to experience success.
  • COACHING FOR PERFORMANCE : Works closely with team members to observe performance and give clear directed feedback to help them grow and succeed.
  • Provides ongoing guidance and direction to help Team Members reach their full potential.
  • Gives honest feedback that is specific, timely and action-oriented.
  • Promptly recognizes and encourages effective performance.
  • Helps to develop and execute plans for each Team Member that maximize strengths and improve weak areas.
  • Ensures Team Members are given challenging assignments to help them learn new skills that can prepare them for the next level.
  • Takes a hands-on approach to developing others by providing clear examples of desired behaviors to ensure understanding.
  • LEADS AND INSPIRES OTHERS : Sets the example for the team; effectively influences and motivates them to reach goals.
  • Acts with integrity in all dealings; demonstrates consistency in words and actions.
  • Demonstrates genuineness, openness, and approachability and consistently treats all Team Members with dignity and respect.
  • Effectively manages stress level during difficult situations.
  • Demonstrates the ability to understand and adjust leadership style to fit others' needs.
  • Plays an active role in the kitchen; rallies the staff in peak service periods and jumps in to help wherever needed.
  • Frequently and genuinely acknowledges and rewards strong performance.
  • Treats all employees in a fair and consistent manner.
  • COMMUNICATION : Keeps everyone on the same page through frequent information sharing and open dialogue.
  • Encourages open, honest and timely communication among Team Members.
  • Fosters frequent dialogue between the FOH and BOH staff.
  • Demonstrates effective listening by being available to Team Members and responding to needs and concerns.
  • Communicates the "why" behind important goals and initiatives to gain buy-in.
  • Respects the opinions of others; listens to comments and concerns with an open mind.
  • Holds frequent meetings where information is shared freely by staff.
  • Takes advantage of opportunities to engage in one-on-one communication.
  • MANAGING EXECUTION : Precisely executes standards of food service and preparation and consistently ensures accountability for expedient, quality results from every member of the kitchen staff.
  • Ensures 100% compliance with kitchen operating procedures, recipes, and health and safety regulations.
  • Sets high standards and always looks to raise the bar.
  • Makes quality and efficiency the top priorities in kitchen operations.
  • Holds team members accountable to meet obligations.
  • Does not allow any sub-par food to go out to the Guest and holds kitchen staff accountable for their efforts.
  • Makes tough but necessary decisions in regards to discipline.
  • Identifies and corrects mistakes immediately to provide hands on learning experiences.
  • PASSION FOR THE GUEST : Ensures that every action and decision leads to an exceptional Guest experience.
  • Models exemplary hospitality by doing everything they can to meet Guest needs and requests.
  • Encourages Team Members to focus efforts and attention on going above and beyond to exceed Guest expectations and create repeat visits.
  • Effectively balances Guest needs with the need to run an efficient profitable kitchen operation.
  • Stays abreast of Guest comments and utilizes Guest feedback to improve kitchen performance.
  • Shows awareness of kitchen operations and tries to head off any potential problems that could impact Guest needs or enjoyment of their meal.
  • Follows up to ensure that Guest issues and complaints are addressed and resolved promptly.
  • DECISION MAKING & PROBLEM SOLVING : Thinks problems through, acts with urgency and always keeps the best interests of the brand at heart when making decisions.
  • Able to digest information quickly, boil it down, and identify relevant issues.
  • Finds root causes in order to develop workable solutions to problems.
  • Draw important connections and consider both short and long-term implications of decisions.
  • Right or wrong shows the willingness to make the call and accepts responsibility for decisions and results.
  • Evaluates various solutions to problems before taking action.
  • Acts quickly and decisively when needed based on the need and urgency of situation.
  • FLEXIBLY ADAPTS AND MANAGES CHANGE : Supports and champions major food and menu campaigns to the BOH staff in order to drive results and grow the brand.
  • Responds quickly to changing needs and adapts as necessary to meet new challenges.
  • Displays a positive, confident attitude for tackling new challenges and initiatives.
  • Build support and commitment among kitchen staff by explaining purpose and goals around menu changes and other major food initiatives.
  • Understands new menu items and speaks knowledgeably of changes to both FOH and BOH staff.
  • Ensures that menu changes and updates are fully integrated into the kitchen operations and sustained over time.
  • Associated topics: assistant restaurant manager, bakery manager, day shift manager, floor manager, gerente de cocina, kitchen manager, management, manager, operations, restaurant operations
  • Supports the DO and GMs initiatives to grow business

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