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Hairdresser - Stylist

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Salon SalonCorpus Christi, TX
  • We are in search of a Hairdresser to join our team.
  • - Cut or trim hair using clippers and scissors
  • - Provide bleaching, coloring, waving and straightening services
  • - Perform blow-dry services
  • - Provide information to clients regarding the type of hairstyle suitable for them
  • - Operate cash registers
  • - Perform limited reception duties
  • - Provide advice to clients regarding hair products and care
  • - Ensure appropriate cleanliness of work areas
  • - Maintain and sanitize hair cutting tools and salon instruments
  • - Maintain appointment calendars
  • - No prior clientele required
  • Valid cosmetology license for the state in which you are applying
  • Amazing styling and finishing skills
  • Desire to provide exceptional service
  • Strong communication skills
  • Driven and motivated
  • Ability to work with and be a part of a team!
  • Full service hair salon

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If you are interested in growing and learning in your cosmetology career, we encourage you to apply to one of our hair salons today.
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If you are interested in growing and learning in your cosmetology career, we encourage you to apply to one of our hair salons today.
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What We Look For•Professional styling services•Self-motivation•Ability to build a fan base•Ability to partner with salon team members•Flexibility•Willingness to participate in a learning environment•A passion for the beauty industry•People skillsOur professionals ensure a superior client experience by determining the client's needs and providing services including the latest cuts, the best finishing, and the industry's top chemical services.
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