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Heywood HospitalGardner, MA
  • Job Title: Carpenter, Plant Maintenance, 40 Hours, Day Shift
  • Location: Gardner, Massachusetts
  • Posted Date: 04/20/2021
  • 7080 Position Hours: 40 Shift: Day Weekend Frequency: when needed Holiday Rotation: none
  • Carpenter performs a variety of duties in and around buildings and grounds.
  • Job Requirements Minimum Education
  • High school, trade school, or vocational school graduate
  • Knowledge of State and local building codes.
  • Minimum Work Experience
  • 5 -7 years experience required
  • Numerical ability, spatial ability, form perception, and motor coordination required
  • Organizational Expectations Behavioral Attributes The following behavioral attributes are required: achievement motivation, concern for order; flexibility; initiative; self confidence; customer service oriented; interpersonal effectiveness; teamwork; analytical thinking and information seeking.
  • Functional Demands Physical Requirements Exerts 20 to 50 pounds of force occasionally, and/or 10 to 25 pounds of force frequently, and/or greater than negligible up to 10 pounds of force constantly to move objects.
  • Frequently reaches (extending hands and arms in any direction), handles (seizing, holding, grasping, turning, or working with hands), and identifies and distinguishes colors.
  • Occasionally climbs (ascends or descends ladders, stairs, scaffolding, ramps, poles, and the like), balances (maintaining body equilibrium to prevent falling when walking, standing, crouching, or running on narrow, slippery, or erratically moving surfaces).
  • Occasionally stoops (bending the body downward and forward by bending at the waist, legs and spine), and kneels (bending the legs at knee to come to rest on knee or knees).
  • Conducts interactions with everyone in a friendly, courteous and respectful manner.
  • Goes out of his/her way to offer assistance to others.
  • If he/she cannot offer assistance, then finds someone who can.
  • Advocates to ensure privacy and confidentiality while helping others to maintain awareness.
  • Maintains a clean and safe hospital.
  • Responds appropriately and immediately in emergency situations.
  • Maintains a safe and healthy environment for patients, visitors, and/or staff to provide the highest level of physical comfort, and minimize risk and injury.
  • Ensures compliance with regulations to maintain accreditation and licensure.
  • Complies with the Hospital Attendance and Tardiness Policy.
  • Completed all Hospital and Department Specific Mandatory requirements in the prior calendar year.
  • Reports Incidents in a timely and effective manner.
  • All employees with direct patient contact are responsible for actively engaging in the practice of, monitoring and enforcing compliance to hand hygiene.
  • Shares knowledge and expertise to help others improve performance.
  • Keeps customers, staff, manager, and other departments informed of deadlines and changes.
  • Completes 98% of corrective work orders each quarter.
  • Completes 98% of preventive maintenance that is assigned each month.
  • Maintains a less than 5% call back rate on all work orders.
  • Correctly completes all minor construction as assigned.
  • Completes and submits requisitions, including costs of supplies, to the supervisor.
  • Performs snow removal duties as assigned.
  • Responds appropriately to utility failures.
  • Statement of Other Duties This document describes the major duties and responsibilities for this job, and is not intended to be a complete list of all tasks and functions.
  • It should be understood, therefore, that employees may be asked to perform job-related duties beyond those explicitly described

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