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Caregiver - No Certification Required

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Clear Fork - a Civitas Senior Living CommunityWeatherford, TX
  • Community: Clear Fork Assisted Living & Memory Care
  • Add some Passion to your career!
  • There's a reason you chose serving others as your life's work.
  • At Civitas Senior Living, we are proud to empower passionate people to provide exemplary service.
  • If you excel at working tirelessly to improve the lives of others, then you'll want to join our team as a Caregiver!
  • Caregiver Job Duties
  • Escorting Residents to Activities
  • Reporting Health Status Concerns
  • Meal Prep / Tray Service / Service of Meals
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Caregiver Job Requirements
  • Interest in working with elderly residents
  • Compassionate spirit and positive attitude
  • Ability to stay focused in a fast-paced, high-activity work environment
  • Ability to stand for 80% of shift
  • Ability to use pager and smart phone
  • Ability to lift a maximum of 50lbs
  • Certification is not required.
  • Full Health, Dental, Vision, Life, Paid Time Off, & More!
  • Tuition Reimbursement & Career Advancement Opportunities
  • Employee Recognition Program
  • Employee Referral Incentives
  • Consistent Schedules with Flexible Time-Off Options
  • Civitas Senior Living is a Certified™ Great Place to Work!
  • 90% of our employees say that their work has special meaning and that it is not “just a job“.
  • As a condition of employment at a Civitas Senior Living community, all new hires will be asked to complete a screening process as required by state regulations.
  • All offers of employment are contingent upon the successful completion of this process.
  • Full job description is available upon request.

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Experience in home care or an Assisted Living facility as a Caregiver or CNA is a plus.
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/jobs/online-registration/ A caregiver is usually responsible for attending to the specific needs of an elderly person, but a caregiver may also attend to the needs of an infant or a disabled person.
$10 - $12 an hour Full-time

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