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  • Utilizing other Design entities within NV5, grow the Design Service Line nationwide; not only in headcount, but in technical abilities, existing clients sales capabilities and in the efficiency with which we operate as a group.

  • You could literally make a career change while staying an NV5 employee should you find a new direction that interests you in facilities, project/program management, marketing, or any type of engineering.

  • We are seeking a Senior Construction Project Manager/Owner’s Representative to join our Building Technology Services Group in helping NV5 deliver projects that make a difference.

  • What You Will Do: As a ux ui designer with Industry West, you will design new and refine existing personalized, relevant, and meaningful experiences for clients in the design trade industry and retail customers in the eCommerce space.

  • GeoDesign, Inc., d/b/a NV5 is seeking a full-time Project Administrator for our Wilsonville, Oregon office to work directly with our project engineers and geologists to support the billing process on their projects.


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