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State of Oregon

US StateOregon is a coastal U.S. state in the Pacific Northwest known for its diverse landscape of forests, mountains, farms and beaches. The city of Portland is famed for its quirky, avant-garde culture and is home to iconic coffee shops, boutiques, farm-to-table restaurants and microbreweries. Highlights include the Native American art in the Portland Art Museum, the Japanese Garden and the Lan Su Chinese Garden.

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Senior Human Resource Analyst - Limited Duration
Oregon Youth AuthorityTurner, OR
The end goal is to protect the public and reduce crime by holding youth accountable and providing opportunities for reformation in safe environments.
Last updated 9 hours ago
Data Architect (ISS8)
Oregon State HospitalSalem, OR
We foster fairness, equity, and inclusion to maintain a workplace environment where everyone is treated with respect and dignity regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, age, veteran status, disability, or status as a victim of domestic violence, harassment, sexual assault, or stalking.
Last updated 1 day ago
Unclaimed Property And Securities Reporting Coordinator
State of OregonSalem, OR
We are committed to Property, Coordinator, Accounting, Financial, Property Management, Administrative, Compliance
Last updated 1 day ago
Corrections Physician Specialist, Psychiatrist)
Oregon State HospitalSalem, OR
Human anatomy and physiology, microbiology, pathology, nutrition, and pharmacology.
Last updated 19 hours ago
Psychiatric Social Worker
Oregon State HospitalSalem, OR
Keywords: Psychiatric Social Worker, Location: Salem, OR - 97301
Last updated 6 days ago
Journeyman Electrician
State of OregonHappy Valley, OR
Employee will be required to use a commercial motor vehicle to conduct business; you must possess a current, valid commercial driver's license A (CDL-B) OR have the ability to acquire one within six months of hire (ODOT will cover training and costs) to be considered eligible for this position.
Last updated 1 day ago
Generalist Caseworker (SSS1)
State of OregonOntario, OR
Employees in these positions perform the work of a Child Protective Services (CPS) Worker, Permanency Worker, Foster Care Certification Worker and Adoption Workers.
Last updated 4 days ago
Operations Support - Human Services Specialist 1 (Roseburg)
Oregon State HospitalSalem, OR
We are committed to action for anti-racism and racial equity to build and sustain an agency that truly carries itself with the core values of integrity, stewardship, responsibility, respect, professionalism, innovation, and service equity.
Last updated 19 hours ago
IT Procurement Manager
State of OregonSalem, OR
This includes working collaboratively to jointly oversee Oregons I.T. strategic sourcing and vendor management program called Basecamp.
Last updated 1 day ago
Occupational Health & Pesticide Exposure Program Coordinator (Program Analyst 2)
Oregon State HospitalSalem, OR
You will collaborate with PEST partner agencies, health care providers, and migrant worker clinics and organizations to provide outreach and increase the reporting of pesticide related illness and injury in Oregon.
Last updated 9 hours ago
Operations And Policy Analyst 3 / Policy And Projects Manager / Three Positions
State of OregonSalem, OR
It is our belief we can achieve this through our devotion and commitment to action for anti-racism and racial equity to build and sustain an agency that truly carries itself with the core values of integrity, stewardship, responsibility, respect, professionalism, innovation, and service equity.
Last updated 4 days ago
Partner & Community Access Coordinator (OPA3)
Oregon State HospitalSalem, OR
ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: All performed with an Equity & Racial Justice Lens
Last updated 1 day ago
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