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Jobs2webDwight, IL
Associated topics: cellular, dsp, electric, electrical, electrical engineer, hardware, lighting, schema, solar, wind
Last updated 30+ days ago
Jobs2webDecatur, AR
Associated topics: astrophysicist, biologist, biomedical, geodesy, meteorologist, microbiologist, research, sampling, source model, toxicology
Last updated 30+ days ago
Lead Developer (PSA, Option 3)
Jobs2webChicago, IL
Cases may then be appealed to the circuit court, Apellate Court, and Illinois Supreme Court.
Last updated 30+ days ago
Jobs2webChicago, IL
Board Certification is required to provide medical leadership and oversight of the psychiatry services provided at the Chicago-Read Mental Health Center in Cook County.
Last updated 30+ days ago
Division Manager - Gen Tax (SPSA Opt.3)
Jobs2webSpringfield, IL
Analyzes and provides CIO and Deputy Chief Information Officer with justification of expenditure as well as information on feasibility, availability and pricing of technologies and services.
Last updated 30+ days ago
PSC/Eviction Mitigation Policy Director
Jobs2webChicago, IL
Associated topics: cmo, demand, donor, fundraise, government, lead generation, newspaper, relationship, social media, twitter
Last updated 30+ days ago
Jobs2webChicago, IL
Prepares or directs the preparation of regular and special reports regarding legal services and litigiation results to evaluate current and proposed agency activities and operations; provides advice and counsel to the Director, Assistant Director, Deputy Directors and other managers on complex and difficult legislative and administrative matters and prepares interpretations having Department-wide ramifications.
Last updated 30+ days ago
Deputy Chief of Parole Specialized Units (SPSA Opt 7)
Jobs2webSpringfield, IL
Monitors apprehension and extradition activities for proper response to escapes of offenders and parole violators.
Last updated 30+ days ago
Property Management Division Manager (PSA, Opt. 1)
Jobs2webSpringfield, IL
Serves as the primary liaison with IDOR management staff, the Secretary of States Physical Services Division, Capital Development Board Budget and Planning/Project Management Offices, Central Management Services Security/Facility Management/Leasing Offices, outside contractors and vendors relative to the building repair projects, vending services, security equipment, UPS maintenance, Fire Sprinkler/Alarm and Suppression systems, Capital Projects, SOS projects, etc.
Last updated 30+ days ago
Jobs2webJoliet, IL
PUBLIC SERVICE ADMINISTRATOR OPT. 6 - INVESTIGATIONS SUPERVISOR - 3701506 We continually strive for a workforce that reflects the growing diversity within the State of Illinois.
Last updated 30+ days ago
PUBLIC SERVICE ADMINISTRATOR - Sup Regional Counsel - Sterling
Jobs2webSterling, VA
PUBLIC SERVICE ADMINISTRATOR - Sup Regional Counsel - Sterling We continually strive for a workforce that reflects the growing diversity within the State of Illinois.
Last updated 30+ days ago
Habilitation Services Director (PSA Opt 6)
Jobs2webAnna, IL
Habilitation Services Director (PSA Opt 6) We continually strive for a workforce that reflects the growing diversity within the State of Illinois.
Last updated 30+ days ago
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