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Facilities HVAC Maintenance Technician
Css Inc.Charleston, SC
-Be able to perform equipment and systems tests, installation inspection, troubleshooting and problem determination, control panel wiring and checkout, and repair of computer automated control systems.
Last updated 30+ days ago
Regional Geospatial Coordinator
Css Inc.Stennis Space Center, MS
M.S. in geography, remote sensing, GIS, coastal management, or related field, plus six years relevant, post-degree experience
Last updated 30+ days ago
Biological Research Assistant
Css Inc.Beaufort, NC
Assist team members with chemical analysis of extracted samples for algal toxins via enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), or other designated methods.
Last updated 30+ days ago
Program Manger
Css Inc.Fairfax, VA
At least 10 years of management experience managing diverse range of staff to include scientific, engineering, and GIS/IT.
Last updated 30+ days ago
Ecosystems Modeler
Css Inc.Beaufort, NC
Strong background in coastal wetland ecology, wetland biogeochemistry, geomorphology, hydrology, GIS analysis, geospatial or numerical modeling, data visualization, and R programming;
Last updated 30+ days ago
Marine Quantitative Ecologist
Css Inc.Beaufort, NC
Ecological knowledge of benthic coral reef organisms and species identification;
Last updated 30+ days ago
Environmental Analytical Chemist
Css Inc.Edison, NJ
CSS has an immediate need for a Environmental Analytical Chemist in our Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery division.
Last updated 30+ days ago
Environmental Analytical Chemist
Css Inc.Castle Rock, CO
Familiarity with EPA methods for organic chemistry and OSHA HazWoper certification is preferred.
Last updated 30+ days ago
OHC Scientific and Administrative Support
Css Inc.Fairfax, VA
If you currently provide contractor services to NOAA OHC, CSS welcomes you to submit your resume and contact information so we may reach out to you to discuss the future of your work.
Last updated 30+ days ago
Aquaculture Support
Css Inc.Beaufort, NC
The Aquaculture Support will provide technical support to the NCCOS Coastal Aquaculture team including collection of spatial data from state agencies, supporting research on SAV and shellfish aquaculture interactions.
Last updated 30+ days ago
Environmental Scientist Intern
Css Inc.Beaufort, NC
The project is being conducted by NOAA National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science (NCCOS), Marine Spatial Ecology Division, Coastal Restoration and Resilience Branch (CRRA) in collaboration with Duke University.
Last updated 30+ days ago
Administrative Specialist
Css Inc.Charleston, SC
CSS is seeking a full-time Administrative Specialist to support NOAA s National Ocean Science in Charleston, SC. The Administrative Specialist will manage the administrative functions of operating an efficient and effective office.
Last updated 30+ days ago

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