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Security Officer - Peachtree Mall
Andy FrainColumbus, GA
Minimum 3 - 6 months prior experience in loss prevention, life safety, CCTV systems or access computer systems.
Last updated 4 days ago
Event Staff
Andy FrainSt Louis, MO
Post orders may include Ticket Taking, Ushering, Guest Services, Elevator Operator, Special Services or other.
Last updated 12 days ago
Assistant Security Director - Retail
Andy FrainHuntsville, AL
Job Title: Assistant Security Director - Retail
Last updated 23 days ago
Crossing Guard
Andy FrainDes Plaines, IL
Must attend a mandatory School Crossing Guard class.
Last updated 24 days ago
Crossing Guard
Andy FrainOak Park, IL
Job Title: Crossing Guard - Oak Park
Last updated 24 days ago
Security Officer
Andy FrainHuntsville, AL
Associated topics: countermeasure, guard, metal detection, protection, public safety officer, safety officer, safety report, security, security officer, university
Last updated 24 days ago
Security Officer - Governor's Square
Andy FrainTallahassee, FL
Minimum 3 - 6 months prior experience in loss prevention, life safety, CCTV systems or access computer systems.
Last updated 6 days ago
Truck Gate Security Officer
Andy FrainFlorence, KY
Job Title: Truck Gate Security Officer- Florence
Last updated 3 days ago
Carousel Operator
Andy FrainHuntsville, AL
Responsibilities: Inspects carousel hourly to insure all parts are in working condition, reports all maintenance needs to Andy Frain Services manager, assists small children on horses, receives tokens, and coupons from guests to ride the carousel, maintains a level of awareness of the guests riding carousel, cleans all carousel horses, chariots and platform on which the carousel is attached to.
Last updated 3 days ago
Cargo Screener
Andy FrainMiami Gardens, FL
This includes, but is not limited to Physical Inspection, X-Ray and other electronic equipment.
Last updated 2 days ago
Security Supervisor
Andy FrainMacon, GA
Minimum 3 - 6 months prior experience in loss prevention, life safety, CCTV systems or access computer systems.
Last updated 3 days ago
Security Director
Andy FrainLexington, KY
Minimum 2 years prior experience in loss prevention, life safety, CCTV systems and access computer system.
Last updated 13 days ago
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