Top Trends for Jobs in Houston

When people think of jobs in Houston, the first thing that pops to mind is oil companies.

And yes, while the oil industry is huge in Houston, TX, it isn’t the only big employer in the area. The Houston greater area has many hospitals, universities, Fortune 500 companies, startups, and even an aerospace hub.

And while the whole US was struck by the coronavirus pandemic, Houston actually stood its ground better than many other metropolitan areas. The national job loss rate in October 2020 was 6% while in Houston it was lower at 4.8%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

So, if you’re looking for your next job in Houston, TX, check out the top job trends in the area below!

#1 Developer jobs

This is a nationwide job trend and it isn’t any different in Houston and the greater area. Developers have a great chance of landing a high-paying job in one of Houston’s 3000 startups.

And as a thriving tech hub, Houston is gaining ground and becoming an alternative for tech workers that want to run away from the west coast hustle and bustle — along with its high cost of living.

Also, developers can get a high-paying job in the oil industry or other big Houston enterprises. These companies are looking to implement their in-house digital operations and hiring developers to do so.

Check out developer jobs in Houston here!

#2 Healthcare jobs

It isn’t a secret that healthcare spiked in demand worldwide due to the pandemic. And Houston isn’t any different.

The hospitals and clinics in the area are looking for new talent, with an eye on new graduates who wish to get their first hands-on job experience.

If you have a nursing or medical diploma, you can land a high-paying job in Houston. And the cost of living is lower than in other metropolitan areas, such as New York or the Bay area.

Check out the following healthcare jobs in the Houston, Texas area:

#3 Marketing jobs

This is closely tied to the developer jobs we ranked first. Where there’s a developer, there’s usually a marketer too.

And all these thriving startups in Houston and the greater area need a marketing team that will promote their products/services.

If you have experience with digital marketing, you can grab yourself a high-paying job in Houston.

In fact, according to a study by Glassdoor, the internet and tech sector in Houston grew 12.7% in 2020 — despite the pandemic. That goes to show how it’s a career that’s always needed by companies, despite how turbulent the times become.

Check out marketing (and related jobs) available in Houston below:

#4 Real estate jobs

The housing sector wasn’t as impacted as others during the pandemic. While many industries plummeted in 2020 and cut many jobs, the real estate sector cut just 5% of positions in Houston.

That’s because Houston is still a prime location for house buyers and many people are aiming to relocate to the area due to its weather, job opportunities, and lower cost of living.

If you have experience with real estate, landing a job in Houston might just be a matter of time. And if you don’t have experience, but wish to pursue this career, studying real estate with online courses can help you land an entry-level job.

Check out real estate jobs in Houston!

#5 Insurance agent, broker, or inspector jobs

Houston has over 40 big insurance firms and plenty more mid-size and smaller agencies. And just like real estate, it didn’t crunch so much during the pandemic: only a 6.4% job loss.

And insurance is a commodity that companies and people need all the time, no matter the circumstances. So it’s an industry that’s relatively safe compared to others in the Houston area.

There are many insurance agent/broker/inspector jobs available in Houston for people with experience, as full-time or part-time positions.

Check out insurance jobs in Houston here!

#6 Retail (specifically in consumer electronics)

It might seem counterintuitive that retail is a trend after the pandemic, but specifically in Houston, consumer electronics retail grew a lot in 2020.

The number of jobs in consumer electronics in retail grew 31.9% in Houston in 2020, which is probably linked to the higher demand due to an increase in work from home and remote jobs during the pandemic.

If you have retail experience and tech knowledge, you can get a good retail job in Houston.

Check out retail jobs in Houston here!

#7 Loan officer

In 2020, the number of loan officer jobs grew by 10.8%. It’s by far the job in the finance sector that grew the most in Houston.

Loan officers help people and businesses get loans (usually mortgages), helping them with the paperwork and the ins and outs of the process.

Many jobs require only 1 year of experience and if you have banking knowledge, you could grab a position in Houston!

Check out loan officer jobs in Houston here!

#8 Delivery driver

Another job that grew nationwide in 2020. And in Houston, it grew 7.3%, the biggest growth in the labor sector in the city.

Delivery drivers are required by freight companies, food services, and e-commerce, so it’s no secret how it’s a job with high demand. Jobs are available part-time or full-time.

Check out delivery driver jobs in Houston here!

#9 Maintenance worker

The demand for repairs grew in Houston during 2020 with a 7.1% job increase in the field.

If you have a license for maintenance work, you could land a job in Houston doing home and business repairs.

Check out maintenance jobs in Houston here!

#10 Security officer

Security officer jobs grew 5.6% in Houston in 2020, by far the largest growth in the operations sector.

And it’s a job that’s in demand by retail, banks, enterprises, and even government departments. If you have security officer experience, landing a job in this field in Houston is a big possibility.

Full-time and part-time jobs are available.

Check out security officer jobs in Houston here!

#11 Business analyst

Business analyst jobs grew 3.7% in 2020 in Houston and the greater area. These professionals are responsible for analyzing and improving business processes and systems.

And you can imagine that during a year of economic recession, companies would look into the insights of business analysts to improve the efficiency of their operations.

If you have experience in business analysis, your next high-paying job could be just a click away.

Check out business analyst jobs in Houston here!

#12 Product manager

This managerial position is required in most SaaS companies and startups to make sure that the business product is achieving its goals.

And since Houston is a tech and startup hub, talented product managers are in the sights of local recruiters: the job grew by 3.6% in 2020 in the city.

After all, product managers are usually the main difference between a successful product and one that fails in the market just a few months after launch.

If you have former experience managing a product for a brand, you should definitely look up the high-paying jobs for this career in Houston, TX.

Check out product manager jobs in Houston here!

#13 Program manager

Program managers help a company strategize and profit from multiple projects. They are talented managers that tie everything together and make sure it’s all on track.

And this career saw 3.5% growth in Houston during 2020, making it a promising career path in the area. If you have previous managerial experience (especially dealing with business projects), you could land a high-paying program manager job pretty soon in Houston.

Check out program manager jobs in Houston here!

#14 Office manager

Another managerial position on the rise. This job grew by 3.4% in Houston during 2020 and goes to show how businesses still require talented people to keep their office space in check.

Office managers organize meetings, manage databases, supervise employees, and even help out with events (along with the HR team).

If you have managerial experience, getting an office manager job could be your next big ticket.

Check out office manager jobs in Houston here!

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