Top 9 most in-demand jobs on Job\Searcher. November

The COVID-19 pandemic has put thousands of people out of jobs, and many are looking for a career switch altogether for more stability and higher income. In response, jobs that weren’t in demand have become highly sought after. 

To help you understand where the opportunities are now, we’ll be sharing monthly insights into the most in-demand jobs around the world.

The top 9 most in-demand jobs in October

1. Python Developer at Enterprise Solutions Inc. Contact

Coming in at number one on our list of most in-demand jobs is a Python developer at Enterprise Solutions Inc. A Python developer is a programmer that knows the Python programming language, which is a common programming language for large-scale development projects. From creating web applications and interfaces to designing frameworks and building tools needed to get the job done, Python developers are highly sought after programmers that have a role in web development, machine learning, AI, scientific computing and academic research. As an advanced programming language, Python is utilized by the world’s leading companies such as Google, Facebook, Netflix and more. In fact, Spotify uses Python to power their recommendation engine, helping users discover more music they may like.

2. C++ Developer at Isoftech. Contact

Next on our list of most in-demand jobs is a C++ developer at Isoftech. A C++ developer is one that designs and develops software solutions with the C++ language. In addition to programming, a C++ developer may be tasked with optimization, maintenance and further development of existing projects. Generally, a C++ developer is responsible for building and maintaining programs developed with the C++ programming language, which may range from desktop applications to web apps and other embedded systems. Day in and day out, a C++ developer is responsible for more than just coding — writing algorithms, determining requirements and estimating project scope are common activities, as is being a part of or overseeing development with a team of other programmers. 

3. Call Center Agent at Liberty Tax. Contact

The third item on our list of most in-demand jobs is a call center agent with Liberty Tax. Call center agents are an important part of many businesses’ outreach and customer support efforts, and you may be asked to make cold calls, field questions from consumers and generally speak on behalf of the company and what they can do for consumers. Calls are often governed by some sort of script where the employee helps a customer identify the product that’s right for them or to solve an existing issue. In both instances, a call center agent is required to know a lot about the company that they work for, including what products and services are offered, as well as how to identify the right match for customers. Some agents are known as so-called blended agents, which means they make and take calls, while others may just focus on one piece.

4. Remote Mortgage Underwriter at Cybercoders. Contact

Fourth on our list of most in-demand jobs is a remote mortgage underwriter at CyberCoders. A remote underwriter is a great work-from-home opportunity where you get to help a lender decide whether to offer financial services to a borrower. Because underwriters help businesses reduce their risk when lending money, they’re a growing field in the financial services industry under the risk mitigation umbrella. Most underwriters specialize in a specific part of the industry, such as mortgages, insurance or loans, and duties will vary slightly depending on the industry. Generally, however, underwriters review applications for accuracy and compliance, or to assign a price to known risks and other red flags.

5. COVID Contract Tracer at Minot State University. Contact

Coming in at number five on our list of most in-demand jobs is a COVID contract tracer at Minot State University. As a COVID contract tracer, you’ll be tasked with helping to slow the spread of COVID by determining how COVID is affecting the local community. Armed with questionnaires and conducting your research either in person, over the phone or online, a COVID contract tracer is responsible for determining the possible exposure points for people that have come into contact with a known and infected individual. That allows authorities to alert close contacts, helping them get tested and avoiding further spread by quarantining and social distancing.

6. Forklift Operator at PrideStaff. Contact

The sixth item on our list of most in-demand jobs is a forklift operator at PrideStaff. A forklift operator is — as the name suggests — someone that operates a forklift. Forklifts are used to move, stack and otherwise manage merchandise in warehouses, storage yards, construction sites and factory floors, among other places. But it’s not all about operating the heavy machinery — forklift operators must also be safe and efficient, and they may at times be called on to help out in other ways such as filling orders and checking. Widely used in many types of businesses, forklift operators are responsible for following instructions and fulfilling the needs of their supply managers.

7. Seasonal Sales Associate at BootBarn, Inc. Contact

Seventh on our list of most in-demand jobs is a seasonal sales associate at BootBarn, Inc. A seasonal sales associate is often hired by a company during the busy holiday season, or any other time of the year where additional help is needed. Because there may not be enough full-time work during the rest of the year, a seasonal associate fills a temporary role when demand is at its highest. Skills and duties vary depending on the company and exact role, but in retail responsibilities may involve helping customers on the floor, stocking shelves and handling inventory.

8. Remote Senior PHP Developer at Jobot. Contact

The eighth item on our list of most in-demand jobs is a remote senior PHP developer at Jobot. A remote senior PHP developer is basically a PHP developer that works from home. Senior PHP developers may be asked to write code, work with development tools, supervise other developers and generally facilitate PHP development at the company. Typically, a senior PHP developer means years of experience writing and working with PHP code and projects, and it may also require a bachelor’s or an advanced degree in computer science or programming. That said, if you have the programming chops and can show it, a degree or programming certificate may be unnecessary.

9. Nurse at NTG Groups, LLC. Contact

The last item on our list of most in-demand jobs is a nurse at NTG Groups, LLC. While people have a general idea of what a nurse does, they may be unaware that there are about three million nurses in the workforce, and almost a quarter of them are licensed practical nurses. In addition to the required education it takes to become a nurse, nurses must also become licensed in their state and complete continuing education courses to maintain their license. Some nurses can get started with a one-year certificate, while others may have a PhD in nursing. Generally, training takes one to four years, though there’s very high job security in the nursing profession, as well as competitive salaries and lots of opportunities. Additionally, nurses are highly respected and trusted across much of the population, making it a great profession no matter where you live.

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