The Top 20 Jobs in Chicago

So, are you looking for jobs in Chicago?

Well, the city is hiring! Be it jobs in Chicago downtown or the wider Chicago area, there are top-paying jobs in tech, sales, engineering, and healthcare.

Do you want to find out what jobs pay the most in Chicago to perhaps guide your career choice? Or do you plan on moving to the capital of Illinois in search of better opportunities?

Well, you can find the top 20 jobs in Chicago below. And you can always find more jobs in Chicago with Job Searcher!

#20 Sales associate/assistant

It might not be one of the highest-paying jobs in the Chicago area, but there are plenty of opportunities in the market for sales associates and assistants in big corporations, franchises, and startups.

If you have former experience in the field or even studied customer service, you can grab a position that pays up to $55k. Many entry-level positions pay around $28k, but depending on your experience wages can be higher.

Check out sales associate jobs in Chicago here!

#19 Nursing assistant

Due to the pandemic, the demand for nurses has risen in the whole US — including Chicago.

And if you are a fresh-out-of-college nurse, you can get an assistant job that pays around $40k with a bonus of 4k in yearly overtime.

Nurses with more experience can earn close to $50k.

Check out nursing assistant jobs in Chicago here!

#18 Construction manager

The construction sector faces a job shortage in the whole US and Chicago isn’t any different. And with plenty of construction sites popping up in the Chicago greater area, a manager is a great opportunity with many positions available.

Some jobs offer 401k benefits and the salary can reach $75k.

Check out construction manager jobs in Chicago here!

#17 UX Designer

With many startups and companies wishing to update with the digital times, the demand for UX designers is growing in Chicago.

Salaries range from $32k – $105k depending on the profits of the company and your experience. Benefits include health + dental insurance and 401k.

Check out UX Designer jobs in Chicago here!

#16 Lawyer

With many legal firms in Chicago, there are plenty of lawyer positions available. And although landing a lawyer job can get you many benefits, such as 401k, dental and health insurance, it’s a competitive market.

That means you’ll need to fight hard to get a lawyer job in the city and salaries vary greatly from around $40k – $200k depending on your experience.

Although entry-level lawyers can earn less than construction managers (which we listed as #18), in the long run, most professionals in the legal field at Chicago earn a higher salary.

Check out lawyer jobs in Chicago here!

#15 Accounting manager

Every company needs an accountant and in Chicago you find many opportunities for managerial positions.

An accounting manager in the city can earn from $30k – $132k and many positions offer 401k and health + dental insurance.

Check out accounting manager jobs in Chicago here!

#14 Project manager

Startups are in dire need of talented project managers to get their operations into full steam. And in Chicago, there are project manager positions with salaries of $32k – $147k depending on your job experience.

And the usual benefits (401k and health insurance) are included.

Check out project manager jobs in Chicago here!

#13 Marketing manager

Chicago is the home to many respectable enterprises, as well as a startup hub. And all these companies require marketing managers on their staff.

Salaries vary tremendously depending on your experience and the size of the company: a marketing manager can earn from $40k up to $147k, and many positions offer 401k and health insurance.

Check out marketing manager jobs in Chicago here!

#12 Software developer/engineer

With so many tech companies and startups in Chicago, there are plenty of high-paying tech jobs.

And software developers and engineers can earn from $44k to $172k depending on the programming code they master and their years of experience.

Expect benefits such as 401k, paid time off, and health + dental insurance in most positions.

Check out software developer/ engineer jobs in Chicago here!

#11 Mechanical engineer

Chicago-based mechanical engineers are earning from around $40k to $166k depending on their experience and the size of the company.

And benefits include the usual 401k and health insurance.

Check out mechanical engineer jobs in Chicago here!

#10 Structural engineer

Another high-paying engineering career in Chicago with starter salaries a bit higher than mechanical engineers.

Structural engineers start off in Chicago with a $96k salary, which can increase to around $160k after gaining experience.

Benefits such as 401k and health insurance are included in most jobs.

Check out structural engineer jobs in Chicago here!

#9 Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

As the big shot of the technology department in a company, your salary can range from $59k – $285k with a yearly share of the profits (on average $20k).

Benefits include participation in the company’s stocks, paid family leave, gym membership, commuter assistance, and paid sick leave.

Check out Chief Technology Officer jobs in Chicago here!

#8 Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

As the big shot at a startup or enterprise in Chicago, you can earn from $96k – $359k. And besides the salary, you earn a share of profits that, in the Chicago area, is around $20k yearly.

And the benefits for a CEO in Chicago are very generous: most companies offer paid leave, 401k, health insurance, and even food is provided to you, so you don’t need to pay for your meals out-of-pocket.

Check out Chief Executive Officer jobs in Chicago here!

#7 Psychiatrist

There are clinics in Chicago paying high wages to qualified psychiatrists. Of course it’s a tough field, but the salaries are very high for those who make the pick of the recruiters.

In Chicago, a psychiatrist can earn from $112k – $355k depending on the size of the clinic or hospital.

And most jobs have generous benefits, such as 401k, health + dental insurance, paid time off, and more.

Check out psychiatrist jobs in Chicago here!

#6 Neurologist

Many of the top-paying jobs in Chicago are in the health field, neurologists being one of the top picks.

Wages start at around $70k and go up to $385k with benefits such as paid leave, 401k, and health insurance.

Check out neurologist jobs in Chicago here!

#5 Dermatologist

A dermatologist in Chicago can earn from around $150k to $450k depending on their experience and the size of the clinic.

401k, health insurance and more benefits are present in most positions.

Check out dermatologist jobs in Chicago here!

#4 Anesthesiologist

Anesthesiologists in the Chicago area enjoy good wages at local clinics and hospitals.

Salaries go from $174k – $461k depending on the clinic size and your experience.

Benefits such as 401k, health insurance, and a health savings account are common in most jobs.

Check out anesthesiologist jobs in Chicago here!

#3 Obstetrician Gynecologist

Another high-paying health career in Chicago!

Clinics in the area offer salaries starting at $123k up to $480k depending on clinic size and your experience in the field.

Check out obstetrician gynecologist jobs in Chicago here!

#2 Oral Surgeon

If you are a qualified oral surgeon, you can earn from around $150k to $500k in Chicago. There are opportunities in dental clinics available in the city and the greater area.

Benefits include 401k and health + dental + malpractice insurance.

Check out oral surgeon jobs in Chicago here!

#1 Cardiology Physician

Salaries for a cardiology physician start at around $150k and go up to around $500k in Chicago. It’s a highly prestigious career that, if you have the qualifications, can set you up for a high-quality life.

Benefits include 401k and the full health benefits package (health + dental + malpractice insurance).

Out of all the health sector jobs in Chicago, cardiologists are among the top paid. That’s why it’s a sought-after field in the city by doctors.

Check out cardiology physician jobs in Chicago here!

Find More High-Paying Chicago Jobs

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Well, on Job Searcher you can find your next high-paying Chicago job. All you have to do is type in a keyword relevant to your career and start scrolling through listings.

As a recommendation, broaden the scope in your searches by looking for a field and not a specific position (sales instead of sales manager, for example). This can help you find more positions on Job Searcher that are compatible with your CV.

You can use the many filters to the left on Job Searcher to refine your search. In Chicago for example, you can filter jobs as full-time or part-time, and as remote or in-person.

You can also filter by career-specific keywords, such as “technology”, “data” or “design” if you have a generalist resumé that can be adapted to multiple jobs in the same niche.

When you click on a position, you’ll find more information about the job. Then click on “apply” to be redirected to the company’s job page.

We wish you good luck in your job hunting!

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