16 Tech Jobs You can Get Without a College Degree

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You might think that if you don’t have a computer science, information technology, or related degree, then there’s absolutely no way you can break into the technology field and score a high-paying tech job. But this is a misconception. There are actually tons of tech jobs out there that don’t require a college degree. Instead, employers are more interested in the skills that you can offer. So, read on to learn more about how to land tech jobs without a degree.

Why Developing Your Tech Skill is Important

Developing and maintaining tech skills is a good idea even if you don’t work in the tech industry. There are many advantages to being skilled in this area. For one, technology has infiltrated all industries. Companies continue to become more and more reliant on software and technology as the days go by. So, increasing your knowledge of tech will transform you into a more efficient and effective worker, no matter the field you’re employed in.

There’s also something to be said for remaining relevant. As you progress in your career and technology continues to advance, staying up on the latest programs and tech products will likely provide you with more career opportunities and growth. It will make you more valuable to your current employer, while increasing your attractiveness to new employers as well.

How to Get a High Paying Tech Job Without a College Degree

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There are several ways to increase your chances of landing a tech job even if you don’t have a relevant degree. See below for some suggestions:

  • Gain experience by interning or volunteering. On your resume you’ll need to demonstrate the tech skills you have. Build your skills and knowledge by completing an internship or volunteering for a small business.
  • Participate in a coding bootcamp. Attending a coding bootcamp either in-person or virtually is a great way to obtain the necessary skills to transition into a tech position. Learn all the essentials in a short period of time.
  • Take online courses and get certified. If a coding bootcamp seems a little too intense, consider signing up for some online tech courses instead. Earning a certification and including that on your resume will give you an edge over other candidates.
  • Network with people in the industry. Sometimes it’s all about who you know. You’ll be more apt to get a tech job without a degree if you know someone in your target company who can vouch for you. So start talking to professionals and friends, letting them know that you’re looking to move into this industry. 

Factors that Determine Your Tech Job Salary

You might be wondering what your salary will look like when you manage to break into the tech industry. Will it be possible for you to earn as much as someone who is coming in with a tech degree? Potentially, yes. The fact of the matter is that a tech job’s salary is determined by several factors outside of just education, including experience, skill, and demand. 

Naturally, the more experience you have, the higher you’ll be able to negotiate your starting salary. Similarly, the more relevant skills and knowledge you possess, the greater the odds an employer will pay you higher. And don’t forget about demand: if it’s high, you’ll have more leverage when it comes to salary negotiation.

16 High-Paying Tech Jobs You can get Without a Degree

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Which tech jobs out there don’t necessarily require a degree? Keep reading for 16 examples of high-paying tech jobs that you may be able to land without having a degree in the field. 

Data Scientist 

If you enjoy solving business challenges using data, then this role might be right up your alley. Companies rely on data scientists to source, organize, analyze, and interpret lots of unstructured data.

Network Engineer

Most companies can’t exist without their network engineer(s). Every business needs someone to design, set up, and manage their computer networks (including local area networks, wide area networks, VPNs, and wireless networks).

Digital Marketer

Do you consider yourself both tech savvy and an exceptional marketer? Then the digital marketer role is perfect for you. Spend your days driving brand awareness and lead generation via a multitude of digital channels (like social media platforms, search engine rankings, websites, blogs, email, and display advertising).

Systems Analyst

A systems analyst reviews IT systems and diagnoses database program issues. They also work with users to solve tech problems and provide management with technical suggestions to improve productivity. If you are both personable and analytical, this position might work well for you.

Computer Support Specialist

Do you like to help people who are experiencing technical difficulties? This is exactly what a computer support specialist does: they troubleshoot problems and provide technical help to computer users (who might be either a company’s staff or its clients). 

Cybersecurity Analyst

Are you interested in thwarting cybercriminals for a living? Then a cybersecurity analyst role might interest you. Cybersecurity analysts aim to protect a company’s software, hardware, and networks by monitoring and anticipating any potential threats.

Sales Engineer

If you’re passionate about both sales and technology, then you might just be a sales engineer in the making! This sales role is responsible for explaining complex, technologically advanced products to clients, and closing big deals. 

Graphic designer

Do you frequently get creatively inspired? Do you consider yourself artistic? If so, being a graphic designer might appeal to you. Just like it sounds, graphic designers create visual concepts using computer programs for websites, advertisements, magazines, and reports.

Software Developer

Simply put, software developers design and build computer programs (this can include mobile and desktop apps, as well as operating systems). This involves identifying user needs, conceiving of and building the programs, and then making improvements. Additionally, software developers may have to test out new software. 

Aerospace Technician

If you have a thing for planes and other flying objects, you might be intrigued by the job of an aerospace technician. The purpose of the role is to ensure the safety of aircraft and spacecraft. This is done by maintaining and running the equipment that develops, tests, and produces these crafts.

Web Developer

Do you enjoy building and maintaining websites? This is exactly what web developers do. Their primary goal is to make sure sites are user friendly and visually appealing. They also keep tabs on website performance (speed) and capacity. A web developer must know how to code and must be proficient in search engine optimization (SEO) and website copywriting. 

Sales Consultant

When it comes to technical sales, as a consultant you must be willing to interact with individuals and businesses so you can sell them the solution to their tech problem. Sales consultants meet with clients, identify their issues, and then solve them with their company’s products. 

Multimedia Artist

Have you ever wondered who creates the animation and visual effects you see in movies, TV shows, and video games? Multimedia artists, that’s who! And you can be one yourself if you’re artistically inclined, computer savvy, creative, and a strong communicator. 

Application Developer

App developers create, code, and test apps for computers, tablets, and mobile phones. You might excel in this role if you’re familiar with programming code and are also collaborative by nature. Application developers typically work as part of a team that might include data scientists, graphic designers, and other software specialists.  

IT Manager

If you are a strategic and tech savvy thinker who likes managing other people, the IT manager role might be a perfect fit for you. IT managers are in charge of guiding an organization’s technological networks, direction, and performance. They oversee network security, track KPIs, and direct all computer-related activities. 

Computer Network Support Specialists

This role involves troubleshooting, analyzing, and fixing computer networks for an organization. There is also an element of directly helping computer users with technical issues. So if you’re someone who likes to fix technical problems for other people and keep networks up and running smoothly, definitely check into becoming a computer network support specialist.

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It’s kind of a relief to find out that you don’t need a computer science, IT, or related degree to transition into the tech industry, right? If you have the inclination and are willing to work hard, you can absolutely break into this field. Focus on building up your technical experience by completing an internship or volunteering. In a similar vein, continue to take online courses, attend coding bootcamps, and earn tech certifications so you have more relevant education to include on your resume. Lastly, don’t forget the golden rule: network with people who can put a good word in for you with your desired employer. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to starting the next stage of your life in a high-paying tech job that you love!   

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