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6 Store Management Resume Tips (with Example)


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A retail store manager’s job responsibilities aren’t easy. Regardless of the parent company’s size, it is the store manager’s duty to ensure ALL store-related operations run smoothly. Because being an effective leader in retail management can be tough, it is automatically assumed that getting a job is even tougher. But even though the job responsibilities can be tasking, landing a retail store manager position is a little easier… but only if you have the right tools. Most companies do not expect prospective store managers to have a sophisticated educational background. Instead, they select people with convincing skill-set and experience. So, how do you convince recruiters that you’re the best candidate for the job? Start by writing a compelling retail store management resume!

Are you skeptical because it’s your first time writing a retail store management resume? Or are you clueless about how to update your already-existing store manager CV? Worry no more. This article will reveal the simplest resume-writing tips, as well as provide a store manager resume sample to help you churn out the best store manager resume.

How to Write a Retail Manager Resume

Retail store management duties reflect retail store manager at work counting inventory on an iPad

Answer the question: Am I fit for a job?

Retail manager’s jobs can include working long hours, having to work on holidays, dealing with dissatisfied customers, and other tasks that many wouldn’t be willing to endure. So, writing a resume without prior knowledge or research of the job expectations not only makes you come off as irresponsible, but you are also doing yourself a disservice. So to avoid making a mess of yourself and applying for a job you may not like, be sure to do industry research and read job descriptions in detail.

Once you’ve done some digging, and you decide that you are fit, then pick up your notepad and start creating your retail store manager resume. If not, then go back to the job ad to decide what makes you unfit. If you’re not the ideal candidate because of a skills gap, then you’ll need to address that. However, if you just don’t think that role fits your interests, then maybe it’s time to browse other careers.

Write a Store Management Resume Template

According to experts, having one base template of a resume is the way to go, especially if you are applying to similar roles in one industry. From one template, you have the ability to look at any job description and create many retail management resumes that are fitted to the job you are applying for. As you go through the process of tailoring your resumes, you will become more aware of ways to appease different recruiters.

Format accordingly

The text style, font type, font size, paragraph spacing, etc., of your retail manager resume matter…. like a lot. If your resume has poor formatting, then you can almost guarantee that it won’t make it to the eyes of a serious hiring manager. To ensure proper formatting in your resume template, you should look into online or Word document templates. If you are confident that you can properly format a template, then here are 6 rules to follow.

  1. Heading Font Size – 14-16 pt
  2. Body Font Size – 12-14 pt
  3. Use a professional resume font
  4. Keep your resume to 1-2 pages
  5. Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes
  6. Watch your tense – Never write in first person

Use the Best Store Management Resume Layout

Retail store management resume formatting example

Like all resumes, any of your retail store manager resumes should include the 5 basic sections. These 5 sections will ensure that you don’t miss any vital details about your career.

  1. Header
  2. Resume Summary
  3. Core competencies/Skills
  4. Work Experience
  5. Education

The 5 Basic Sections Explained

Header – This section contains personal information, such as name, job title, residence (city, state), phone number, email, and links to social media or personal work.

Career Summary – This section is a quick glance into your career. The length ranges between 3-7 sentences. It explains what you bring to the table, and what the company would gain by hiring you.

Core Competencies/Skills – This is one of the top sections that interest hiring managers. You should include a good mix of hard and soft skills – especially the ones mentioned in the job description. However, remember to only list skills you can defend.

Work Experience – This is where you show how those skills you mentioned helped make you successful in previous roles. In reverse-chronological order, you should give a detailed list of your previous job titles, responsibilities, and achievements. It is also very important to state facts, add numbers/metrics, and use great action verbs. Sell yourself, but be sure not to exaggerate too much.

Educational Background – This section is pretty short. You just need to list your academic achievements – degrees, certifications, and completed (or in-progress) courses. If you have limited work experience, then this section can help validate your skills and knowledge, so be sure to list your highest degrees and all impressive educational accomplishments.

These 5 sections of a resume are absolutely necessary to writing a quality retail management resume, but keep in mind that you can include additional sections. They can add flavor to an already stellar resume. You can talk about hobbies/interests, volunteer jobs, awards, publications, etc. This shows that you are a human being; however, whatever you decide to include should be relevant to the position you are applying for.

Keep the Store Management Resume Concise

The longer your retail manager resume, the less chances you have of getting the job. As mentioned in the formatting section, your resume should not be any longer than 1-2 pages. Anything more than that is cringe-worthy. Honestly, no hiring manager will spend more than two-three minutes scanning through your resume. So, avoid ambiguity and irrelevant information as much as you can. Keep everything short, simple, and to the point.

Edit and Proofread

Your retail manager resume is the first chance for you to prove yourself “worthy”. You don’t want to mess it up! Carefully edit and proofread your resume to check for omitted words, grammatical errors, etc. It is even better if you get a fresh pair of eyes to help you do it as well. Errors are better identified and corrected in your custody than the hiring managers. 

Retail Store Management Resume Sample

Telling you what to do without showing you how to do it will only sabotage our efforts in helping you land your dream job. So, check the retail management resume example below to see how to create yours. This retail manager resume sample will serve as a template for writing a resume that best highlights your experience and qualifications. 

Karl Jackson
Retail Store Manager
Austin, Texas

Efficient Retail Manager with 7+ years of experience increasing customer and sales traffic for different organizations. A charismatic team leader skilled in creating a friendly shopping environment for all, irrespective of age, religion, gender, etc. Successfully doubled annual income for previous employers by implementing strategic marketing techniques and building a community of end consumers. Aiming to secure an avenue to showcase indelible talents and fuel continuous professional development.


Customer Service
Product Presentation
Operations Analysis
Inventory Planning
Market Survey
Turnaround Management
Attention to Detail 
Digital Marketing
Team Building


Retail Manager
Kenwood Factory, Texas
June 2020- December 2021

  • Managed scheduling, ordering, and inventory planning.
  • Collaborated with other departmental executives to ensure smooth operations and consistent stockpiling.
  • Introduced Employee of the Year event to improve staff morale, boost productivity and reduce customer complaints by 40%.
  • Worked closely with merchandisers to arrange all stores based on most sought-after products and increase sales. 
  • Retail Store Management Officer Ranco Factories, Ohio February 2019- March 2020
  • Conducted quarterly market analysis to ascertain products strength and customer issues.
  • Managed over 25 employees, ensuring a safe working environment for all
  • Consistently surpassed annual sales goals designed by the Director of Operations and Chief Executive Officer. 
  • Implemented strategic merchandising plans to achieve revenue objectives, reduce expenditures, and ensure payroll remained within the budget.
  • Assistant Retail Store Manager Seamsted Inc., Ohio June 2015 - October 2017
  • Prepared product performance reports and identified loopholes.
  • Emerged as the best intern before promotion.
  • Played a key role in boosting profitability by 50% and customer satisfaction rating by 30% within the first ten months in the position.
  • Monitored all activities within and outside the store, and provided answers to customers’ inquiries. 
  • EDUCATION Master of Business Administration (MBA) Ohio State University January 2014 - September 2015 Bachelor of Science in History University of Texas January 2010-September 2013 ASSOCIATIONS Retail Advertising & Marketing Association (RAMA) Store Manager's Association (SMA) LANGUAGES English (Advanced) French (Conversational)

    Don’t Forget the Cover Letter

    Your retail manager CV is never complete without a cover letter. Ensure the information in your cover letter corresponds with the details on your resume to avoid putting the hiring manager in a state of confusion. Here’s a quick guide to writing your cover letter:

    • Start with a header, followed by an introductory paragraph to compel them to read further.
    • Show them the benefits of hiring you. 
    • Explain how the company is perfect for you.
    • Be cordial. But maintain a professional tone.
    • End with a powerful closing statement and call to action.

    Finally, use keywords on the job description for your resume and cover letter to double your chances of getting shortlisted.


    As a job searcher, resume writing will become one of your greatest fortes, but only if done right. As you use retail management resume examples and samples, remember to customize your final piece according to your skill set and the job’s requirements. This is important as most companies use applicant tracking software to scan for job-related keywords and choose candidates that best fit the mold. So, as you embark on this journey of resume writing, stay confident, do your research, and revisit the tips above as often as you need to master your retail management resume.

    Top Store Chains

    blue graphic depicting multiple locations for retail store chains across the country

    Though small, local stores often have retail management positions, sometimes the best place to find a job is within a company that has multiple stores. So here are 8 top retail chains with storefronts across the US.

    1. Walmart
    2. Target
    3. Apple Stores
    4. Lowe’s
    5. Dollar General
    6. Best Buy
    7. Amazon (who is planning to open large retail operations)
    8. The Home Depot

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