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I Hate My Job! 3 Ways to Cope with a Job You Hate

Sarah O’Mahoney

Marketing Specialist and Freelance Writer

When we start a job, our expectations are that we will love it, or at least enjoy it. From our early days of school, we are told to “work in a job you love”. As lovely as this sounds, this is life and nothing in life is as straightforward as we hope. There are bumps on the road, and this extends to our work lives too. Unfortunately, many people throughout their working years will find themselves thinking “Wow, I hate my job.”

In fact, a recent study by Staff Squared HR found that an astounding 85% of people are unhappy in their jobs. This figure is certainly alarming, but if you find yourself contemplating whether you are one of the people who doesn’t love their job, you are not alone. It can be disheartening to have those ‘I hate my job’ thoughts, especially when it took so much effort to get the job in the first place.

Having to wake up every morning and log in or show up when you hate your job is a nightmare. We get it completely! If you have found you have hated your job for a long time, or if it is just a recent discovery, you do not need to stay in this state of unhappiness forever. There are steps to take and aspects to consider when you hate your job. Remember that your health should become before your wealth!

If you find yourself hating your job, then this blog article is for you. This article will have a closer look at why so many people hate their jobs, and what to do if you hate yours. 

Why Do I Hate My Job?

There are many reasons why you may hate your job right now. Each individual’s experience is unique to them, and if we tried to list them all, this could turn into a book rather than an article.

Although there is an endless number of possibilities why someone may hate their job, there are some which are common across the board. Let’s have a deeper dive into what these reasons might look like… 

I am Not Being Treated like a Person

When you hate your job, often times it could be because you feel you are not being treated like a person. The system of capitalism has unfortunately made many workers feel as if they are a cog in a wheel or nothing more than a production unit. If we think of factory workers, for example, we often imagine someone doing the same mundane task over and over again for 8 hours of the day… how would this make anyone happy or love their job, right? The human element for workers is sometimes non-existent and this can be very difficult to deal with. 

Depending on what industry you are working in, companies may see their employees as nothing more than worker bees. If this is something you are experiencing, you may feel unhappy because you are not being valued. Your great ideas and contributions are not being listened to, and ultimately, you are not getting an opportunity to shine.

Work environments should be places where employees are motivated and encouraged to work together to achieve goals and objectives. If you are feeling as though you are not being encouraged or motivated to do anything other than “sit down and be quiet”, this can be seriously damaging to your mental health.

I Hate my Boss 

Having to work for someone that you dislike will certainly not make your job any easier, in fact, evidence shows that it will make coming to work a lot more difficult. There are many reasons why someone may not like or get along with their boss, such as… 

  • Micromanaging – if your boss is constantly over your shoulder, watching your every move, this can be very irritating. It may give off the impression that your boss doesn’t trust you enough to leave you to work independently. 
  • Bullying – in some cases, your boss may be a downright bully. This can have serious impacts on your mental health and wellbeing. No one should have to put up with having a bully for a boss and if you are currently dealing with this, you probably now hate your job. It may have gotten to the stage where it is next to impossible to show up to your work, or that you now fear your boss. 
  • Negativity – if your boss is super negative and almost puts you into a state of depression after one conversion, this is a red flag. The workplace is an environment where positivity and good energy should be spread. If your boss is a complete moaner and makes everyone’s life miserable from being so negative, this may end up in you hating your boss.

I am Overworked

Employees are feeling overworked now more so than ever before. There is sometimes an expectation that employees should be available outside of working hours to answer phone calls and emails. This was seen more during the COVID-19 period, where most employees were working from home. No matter how much one may love their job, if they are overworked, they may start to think “I hate my job”. Remember, we work to live, not live to work. 

If you find yourself working twice as much as you should (or maybe more), this is definitely a red flag. Your life should have a balance between your job and your personal life. It may be helpful to set boundaries when it comes to your work. Your managers and co-workers need to be respectful of your working hours and your time at home. Why not set an automatic out of office email for when you are not working, and turn off your work phone when you are at home with family and friends.

I feel I am Not Paid Enough

As we have mentioned in other articles, the financial side of a job is very important. No matter how much we might love our jobs, we need to have enough money to put a roof over our heads and food on the table. If you feel you are not being paid enough money, this can definitely lead to you starting to hate your job. We know our worth, and if we are not being compensated financially for our efforts, this can not only become a frustration, but it can put pressure on other aspects of our lives. 

These 4 reasons are not the full extent of the things you may think about when you hate your job. As we mentioned earlier, each person’s experience is unique and different. Regardless of the reasoning, if you are having those “I hate my job” feelings, your life becomes more difficult. 

With this in mind, let’s have a look at what you can do if you hate your job. Being stuck in a job you don’t enjoy anymore (or, maybe you never did) can be draining. We want to help you get back on track and starting loving your work again. 

What Do I Do If I Hate My Job?

I hate my job!- Business man having a bad day at work.


This first piece of advice may seem obvious. If you detest your job and it’s a struggle to show up every day, simply quit. Quitting your job can seem like a daunting task, but it is super important to put yourself and your mental health first. If you find yourself hating your job every day, it may be a huge sigh of relief to quit. 

You can always look for another position at a different company where there is a better culture. Although you may have hated your job, you still would have acquired valuable skills and experience that you will be able to use in another job. If you are concerned about being out of a job if you quit, why not consider applying for a new job in your spare time. 

Talk with Management

In some cases, arranging a meeting to talk with your manager may help you to improve your work situation. As we mentioned earlier, having problems with your managers or boss can result in you hating your job, so it may be worth expressing your feelings. Talking with your management allows you to be honest about how you feel, whether you don’t feel valued or you are not being paid enough. 

Making your management aware of your situation will hopefully result in changes being made and will help you to start enjoying your job again. Of course, this isn’t a recipe for success. It may not always work in your favor but it may be worth it to try! Sometimes employees and managers can start off on the wrong foot, having an open and honest conversation may be able to mend the relationship.

Change Industry 

Hating your job may be down to the industry you are working in. It may be time for a change. We discussed earlier the metaphor of feeling like a cog in a wheel. Changing up your industry and the environment in which you work may help you feel more valued and challenged.

A completely new environment and job may be the answer to giving you a new lease of life when it comes to your career. You should wake up each morning feeling excited to take on a new working day, if you miss having this drive, something needs to change. Consider your experience, skills and have a think about what industry might interest you.

If you are considering changing the industry in which you work, it may be a good idea to do some part-time courses in your new chosen industry on the side. That way you will be better prepared for the job market. There are many options such as night classes and online courses you can take while you work full time.

Vent About It

If you are in a job you hate, then chances are that your colleagues may feel the same. It might feel like you have taken the weight off your shoulders after venting to people who feel the same. Not only will this get your feelings off your chest, but it may also be an opportunity for you and your co-workers to come up with a solution or strategy on how to make your job more enjoyable. 


So, by now we have looked at 4 common reasons why you may hate your job and 4 pieces of advice to combat them. No matter what, it’s important to remember that you are not alone, and most people in their working careers will dislike or even hate their job at some stage.

If you do find yourself in this situation, just know that it isn’t forever and there are solutions. Maybe you need to work somewhere else, or maybe you just need a short break. Whatever you decide to do to help yourself out of this slump, do what is best for you, even if that means finding a new job! 

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