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How to Write a Property Manager Resume


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Property management experts have a variety of responsibilities, such as ensuring the safety and durability of commercial and residential buildings. During recruitment for such a position, recruiters assess your skills first-hand. This begins with how well you organize and tailor your property management resume. In other words, they can’t afford to bring you onboard if your resume does not impress them. 

So if you are inexperienced in resume writing and want to improve your current property manager resume to meet the standards of 21st-Century recruiters? You’re on the right page. Here, you will learn to build up your resume to reflect your abilities and accomplishments. Before then, we will start you off with a commercial property manager resume sample.

Property Manager Resume Sample

Note: All personal info on this sample Property Manager resume is fictitious and does not represent any individual or organization.

Ernest McCauley
Property Manager
(633)564-8954 | |

A five-star property manager with over six years of experience, actively looking for avenues to showcase indelible talents and fuel continuous professional development. Proficient in managing day-to-day property operations and leading a successful team of experts. Possess quantifiable marketing skills focused on improving physical occupancy for commercial and residential buildings. Certified to head the erection of state-of-the-art facilities anywhere in the world.


  • Problem-solving
  • Time management
  • Negotiation and Liaison skills
  • Written and oral communication skills
  • Real Estate Management System (REMS)
  • MS Office Suite (PPT, Excel, Word, SharePoint)
  • Attention to details
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Automated Inventory Tracking System (AITS)
  • Asset Interface Database (AID)
  • Tenancy and proprietary regulations
  • PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Senior Property Manager Landmark Homes, New York March 2018 - August 2021
  • Introduced an on-site inventory tracking system to ensure accountability across different locations.
  • Built and maintained a healthy business community that catered to residential needs and achieved 95% positive reviews annually. 
  • Coached a team of 10 real estate specialists and agents to market, lease, and coordinate activities in several Landmark-owned properties.
  • Analyzed and created accurate financial and operational performance reports to identify potential and existing problems. 
  • Reduced hazards by 50% through weekly supervision and hiring capable construction workers.  
  • Contract Property Manager Jackson, Mississippi January 2013 - April 2017
  • Offered quality project management services (on-site and off-site) to a robust clientele, home and abroad.
  • Scheduled and supervised daily maintenance operations while ensuring inventory expectations are met. 
  • Managed staff performance, financial expenditure, and building progress according to the established budget of each client. 
  • Reduced budget expenses by 15% within project duration and amassed satisfactory reviews after project completion from each client.
  • Worked closely with architects and quantity surveyors to ensure clients enjoy luxury and comfort.
  • EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND Michigan University Master of Science (MSc) in Real Estate & Property Management August 2010 - May 2012 Densol University, Canada Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Building Management April 2006 - December 2009 Certifications
  • Property Administrator Certificate (PAC) – Starbuck Online Academy
  • Property Management Financial Proficiency Certificate (PMFP) – Institution of Assets and Property Management 
  • National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) – MemberGhana Institute of Real Estate Management (GIREM) – Member
  • National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) – MemberGhana Institute of Real Estate Management (GIREM) – Member
  • INTERESTS Tourism, Landscaping LANGUAGES Spanish (Advanced) French (Conversational)

    Now that you have had a glimpse of a sample property manager resume, it’s time to create yours. Endeavor not to rely or copy, verbatim, the information used on different Property Manager Resume examples on the internet. Recruiters want to see how much you have done and how well you have performed in your own experiences. 

    Creating Your Own Property Management Resume

    property management - a home in a circle with a tech background

    Creating a property manager CV is no child’s play. There is a lot to consider: order of arrangement, what to include and exclude, writing tone, etc. Let’s start by exploring how to section your Property Manager Resume.

    Contact Information

    Modern-day resumes begin with the official name of the applicant as the title. Then the position and accessible contact deets (phone number, email, mailing address and LinkedIn profile link) follow suit. Examples:


    Good resume summary example
    Georgina Peters
    Property Manager


    Bad summary example
    Name: Georgina Peters
    Position: Property Manager
    Phone Number: (633)675-9043

    Professional Profile

    This section houses a summary of your experience as a property manager, and it must all point to the job description. A 5-second look at your property manager resume summary is enough for recruiters to decide if they want to meet you or shut the door in your face. How do you do this? 

    1. Start with an adjective.
    2. Add the job title
    3. Include years of experience
    4. Briefly talk about what you can do  
    5. Add your biggest career achievements 
    6. Avoid exaggerations and use of pronouns, such as “I”, “my”, “your”, etc.


    Good resume summary example
    An efficient property manager with over four years of experience actively looking for avenues to showcase indelible talents.  Possess quantifiable marketing skills to improve physical occupancy for commercial and residential buildings. Successfully led a 25-man team and managed the construction (from start to finish) of over 50 state-of-the-art facilities in strategic locations in Canada.


    Bad summary example
    I am an experienced property manager who would love to join your company. I possess an elaborate skill-set. I am also resilient and enthusiastic about overseeing day-to-day property operations. Apart from being a resident of the country, I am eager to start immediately.

    Far from being a professional?

    While it is good to have experience, companies also accept entry-level property managers. So, if you have little or no experience in property management, use a “Career Objective” instead of “Professional Profile”. The difference between a resume summary and a career objective is subtle. Career objective focuses on your relevant achievements and distinguishing factors about you, but not necessarily in the field.

    You can also include your educational accomplishments like the career objective section in most property management resume samples. Examples:


    Good resume summary example
    A certified property manager with a BAA in Project Management (GPA 4.2), working towards obtaining a Masters in Property Administration. Eager to support budding companies in managing residential properties and streamlining their business operations. Successfully gained a 6-month experience as a property management intern. 


    Bad summary example
    A fresh college graduate who wants to gain experience in property management at your company. I am an active team player, purpose-driven, and proficient in technology. I also graduated with a G.P.A of 3.9 from a prestigious institution.

    Skill-set and Competencies

    You’re probably competing against over 50 candidates for the same position. And they’re just as qualified and experienced as you are. So, how do you top the list? 

    Go back to the job description and select keywords for the property manager skills resume section. You can divide them into hard and soft skills or list them together – whichever format is acceptable. Remember, ATSs are smart. Describe yourself according to the job requirements. Here are some skills particular to property management:

    1. Problem-solving
    2. Adaptability
    3. Time management
    4. Organization
    5. Verbal and Written communication skills 
    6. Real estate law and leasing practices
    7. Negotiation skills
    8. Marketing skills
    9. Emotional intelligence

    Work Experience and Key Achievements

    The work experience section explains to the hiring manager the services and how much value you rendered to your previous workplaces. This is, in fact, the most important section of your property manager resume. It gives the recruiter an overview of what you can offer the company. You can also include key phrases and job responsibilities from the ad. Be unwavering in your claims and increase your chances of getting hired. 


    Good resume summary example
  • Introduced an on-site inventory tracking system to ensure accountability across different locations.
  • Built and maintained a healthy business community that catered to residential needs and achieved 95% positive reviews annually.  
  • Analyzed and created accurate operational reports to identify potential and existing problems. 
  • Wrong

    Bad summary example
  • Responsible for managing the community
  • I ensured workers had a safe working environment. 
  • I prepared quarterly reports to track down progress. 
  • Educational Background

    School is not always fun, but these degrees and certifications are your passcodes in the labor market. No matter your years of experience in the field, traditional recruiters are more eager to hire someone with at least a basic education certificate – especially if it is in the job description. So if you have degrees and certifications, flaunt them! List your relevant coursework and academic achievements, such as awards or certificates of recognition.

    As an entry-level applicant or college graduate, the education section of your property manager resume should be more detailed, especially if your professional experience is limited. As you gain more professional experience, the recruiter’s attention will naturally shift to the experience section.

    Additional Sections

    Like the sample resume for Property Manager above, this section could include your interests, hobbies, and/or preferred languages. There is no need to be flattering in this section; get straight to the point. 

    In a Nutshell

    A glance at a property explains its condition; the same goes for Property Manager resumes. A mere look at the first few sections of your resume should appeal to the hiring manager.

    Finally, follow the guidelines below to create an excellent property management resume:

    1. Use the best format – reverse-chronological resume format – for your property manager resume to enable your experience and key achievements to gain visibility.
    2. Choose simple, legible resume fonts. The main body fonts shouldn’t go below 10pt and above 14pt. 
    3. Follow the ideal arrangement: begin with your info as a header. Then add your property manager summary, skill-set, job description, education, and extra information. 
    4. Tailor your resume to meet the company’s hiring goals. Remember to customize your property manager resume, especially if you always send your resume to multiple companies simultaneously.
    5. Make it a one-page document. If you must go over, be sure it shouldn’t exceed two pages. 
    6. Proofread and edit before submitting. Give your resume to an experienced editor or use online grammar tools to check for errors. 
    7. Export your resume and cover letter to a PDF file. This way, the formatting will stay intact and readable to ATSs.

    You have failed as a potential property manager if you don’t treat your resume as your most-prized property. Kindly leave your questions and inquiries in the comment section.

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