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How to Build a Construction Superintendent Resume in 3 Easy Steps

Marcie Wilmot

Certified Resume Writer, Career Coach, Business Writer

If you’re reading this post, it’s likely you’re thinking about trying to score a construction superintendent role. You’ve probably already put several years of hard work into the construction industry and are ready to climb the ladder. This is great, but you’re also going to need a strong and impactful construction superintendent resume to get where you want to go. Let’s talk about how to create one that will impress employers.

Construction Superintendent: The Role & Its Responsibilities

Construction superintendents play a crucial role in making sure that construction projects are completed safely and correctly. They act as a middleman, facilitating the communication between the higher-ups who have funded and approved the project and the workers who are carrying it out. They also frequently work in tandem with the project manager, overseeing the budget and timeline of the project.

To be a successful construction superintendent, you need to be an effective communicator and decisive leader. In addition, you should be an organized go-getter who doesn’t hesitate to take the initiative and is detail-oriented.

If you believe this is the right job for you, it’s time to put together an impressive superintendent resume to land the job.

Step #1: Pick the Best Format

The first step in building a resume for construction superintendent is to choose the right format. This refers to how your resume will look and how it will be organized. If you look at superintendent resume examples online, you’ll notice that they tend to be in one of these three standard formats:

  • Chronological – A chronological resume format lists professional experience in order from newest to oldest. Job seekers usually use this structure, and it has remained the most common structure.
  • Functional – The functional format focuses on the skills you have to offer that match the qualifications listed on the job ad. It downplays less relevant experience.
  • Hybrid – Like it sounds, the hybrid option is a combination of both chronological and functional. This is sometimes used when someone has work gaps or has switched industries.

You can easily search for “construction superintendent resume template” on Google and find one to work off. You can also open a blank document in Word and create your own resume. (Word has templates that you can opt to use – either for inspiration or to fill out and make your own.)

Beyond selecting the format that best displays your relevant experience and skills, make sure that your superintendent resume is organized, concise, and easy to read. White space is your friend.

Remember: Recruiters and HR folks look at a lot of resumes. You want yours to stand out for the right reasons!

Step #2: Highlight Your Qualifications

Now that you’ve decided how to format your construction superintendent resume, you’ll need to concentrate on showcasing your qualifications and skills. Start by pulling up some construction superintendent resume examples online. Looking at what similar candidates have highlighted in their resumes will help you understand what you should include on yours.

In addition, you should refer to your target job ad. Make sure to add the qualifications, qualities, skills, and experience you have that match what is on it. Tailor your language to the job ad and use impactful action verbs to begin all your bullets. Finally, whenever possible, don’t just list responsibilities. Instead, use numbers, percentages, and other quantifiable measures to show results (and how your actions benefited your employers). 

Step #3: Eliminate Any Errors

Any decent construction superintendent resume sample that you find online won’t have one thing: mistakes. Once you have crafted an organized, visually appealing, and qualification-filled superintendent resume with strong, tailored language, call up a trusted friend or advisor and ask them to proofread your resume for you. Many people skip this step. As a consequence, recruiters immediately toss their resume in the trash because of silly typos and grammar errors. 

You may not think it matters, but it does. A construction superintendent is someone who oversees and successfully juggles tons of details daily. By submitting a resume without any errors, you’ll show the recruiter or HR person how detail-oriented and meticulous you are, which will undoubtedly put you ahead of other candidates who are seeking the same job.

So if you’re ready to take the leap and try to secure a job as a construction superintendent, spend some time building a superior resume that will differentiate you from others. While you can always Google a superintendent resume sample (or multiple superintendent resumes samples), which can inspire you and help you with the process, it’s really on you to sit down and write out what you have to offer an employer. Follow the three steps above and you will be on your way to achieving success. Good luck! 

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