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The Best Remote Jobs: Where & How to Find Them

Marcie Wilmot

Certified Resume Writer, Career Coach, and Business Owner

The Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t been easy on any of us, but if there’s one silver lining, it’s the fact that remote work has grown in popularity because of it. Companies that previously weren’t open to their employees working remotely were suddenly forced into allowing it. Since then, they’ve realized that much of their workforce is happier and more productive. Naturally, this has led to more remote job openings, which is great if you’re interested in this type of position. Read on to learn more about the best remote jobs and where to find them. 

What is a Remote Job? 

Put simply, a remote job is one that takes place outside of a traditional office space. Experts commonly refer to remote work as telecommuting or virtual work. In many cases, remote employees work out of their homes. However, remote employees can work from wherever (Starbucks, the local library, a coworking space…). As long as it’s an appropriate enough work environment where they get their work done, then it’s fair game.

Are Remote Jobs Better Than Office Jobs? 

It’s hard to say definitively that remote jobs are better than office jobs because both have their advantages and disadvantages. However, working remotely does have a lot of perks that appeal to many people. For one, remote jobs provide employees with a ton of flexibility, so they can better manage their work-life balance. This includes doctor’s appointments, caring for family, hobbies, etc.

There are other advantages as well, such as:

  • Little to no daily commute, which reduces stress, saves on fuel, and helps the environment
  • More career opportunities because you aren’t limited by location
  • More flexibility on where you want to live
  • Less in-office stress (ie. office politics, talkative coworkers, and so on)

Disadvantages of Remote Work

While many people absolutely love working remotely, others don’t. So, it’s important to spend time determining what works best for you personally. Some complaints from people who decided that remote work was just not for them include:

  • The flexibility blurred the lines between work and home. They had a hard time knowing when to switch off work.
  • Working from home was more distracting than in an office.
  • The isolation means you’ll likely have less meaningful relationships with your coworkers.
  • Less contact with managers and supervisors could stunt career growth.

Quick Tips: How To Make Remote Work More Enjoyable

While working remotely can sometimes lack the social stimulation you’d normally get in an office atmosphere, it can still be fun! Read on for three ways you can make your remote job more enjoyable.

  1. Initiate group chats. In an office you might chat with colleagues over coffee or sporadically throughout the day. Create this same type of camaraderie with group chats where you share memes, jokes, and casual chit chat. 
  2. Make in-person lunch dates. Working from home usually means less social interaction. So, be sure to initiate contact. Keep lunch dates with colleagues, friends, and family throughout the workweek so you don’t feel lonely.
  3. Host virtual happy hours. Another way to make remote working more interesting and fun is to host occasional happy hours online. While not the same as meeting in person, they still give everyone a chance to talk informally and create bonds.

The Top 15 Remote Jobs You May Be Interested In

best remote job on yellow background with a laptop, notebook, and coffee

If you like the idea of working remotely and are trying to figure out what type of remote job might work for your skillset and personality, continue reading for some different options.

Graphic Designer

If you’re someone who is both creative and technologically savvy, a remote graphic designer position might be right up your alley. Graphic designers use computer programs to create visuals for items like company reports, advertisements, websites, magazines, and brochures.

Virtual Tutor

Just like a tutor in real life, a virtual tutor helps students learn either individually or in a group setting. Virtual tutors teach over the computer in a virtual meeting space instead of in person. So, if you enjoy teaching and want to work from the comfort of your own home, you should definitely consider virtual tutoring. 

Freelance Writer

Nowadays there is a tremendous need for consistently well-written and well-researched writing because of the internet. If you are a good writer and able to conduct online research, you might enjoy producing content for websites and blogs as a freelance writer.   


If you’re more numbers-inclined, there’s always the option of working remotely as an accountant. Most accountants obtain a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field. Then, they take the Certified Public Accountant exam to become CPA-certified. If you’ve done this (or aspire to), then you might enjoy working from home in this position helping clients file their tax returns and analyze their financial performance.

Freelance Translator

Do you speak more than one language fluently? Then becoming a freelance translator might be the perfect remote job for you. Translation agencies, individuals, and multinational companies hire translators to convert the text of one language to another. If this type of work fits your skill set, make sure you don’t overlook these positions during your remote job search.

Operations Manager

An operations manager oversees a production process by monitoring operations, setting budgets, and developing strategies to increase quality, efficiency, and profit… and this can all be done from home, although you might have to occasionally visit the office or production sites in-person. If you have an MBA or a bachelor’s degree with several years of experience in operations, this is a remote job opportunity you should explore.

Data Entry

Probably the type of job that comes to mind when you think of working from home, a data entry position is exactly what it sounds like: a role where someone uses computer programs to enter information into a database or platform. This kind of remote job might suit you if you’re detail-oriented, patient, and self-motivated.

Customer Service Representative

Customer service roles naturally lend themselves to remote working. As long as you have a phone, access to the internet, and a customer-focused mindset, you will likely excel in this type of remote position. (It also doesn’t hurt if you’re a strong communicator, personable, and a quick problem solver.) Sometimes there’s even more flexibility with this type of position in terms of part-time, weekend, and evening scheduling options.

Software Developer

With our immense and ever-growing reliance on the internet and computers these days, software developers are in demand, and this demand is only expected to grow. So if you have a degree in computer science, software engineering, or a related field, you might want to think about finding a remote software developer role. There are so many companies out there who are looking for developers who can design and build mobile apps, computer programs, and operating systems.

Digital Marketer

Digital marketing can be done from anywhere – not just from within a traditional office space. If you have a secure and fast internet connection – in addition to a background in marketing – you can use various digital channels (like social media, websites, search engines, blogs, advertising, and email) to drive brand awareness and lead generation for companies. So if marketing is your passion, think about a remote job as a digital marketer.

Virtual Assistant

If you are organized and like helping other people succeed, you might enjoy being a virtual assistant. Similar to an in-person executive assistant, the purpose of this remote job is to assist an entrepreneur or other high-level professional by handling tasks like scheduling meetings, managing calendars, updating websites, and calling back clients and associates.   

Sales Consultant

Sales consultants make business development calls, follow up with sales leads, and conduct demos. So if you’re the type of person who is persistent, resilient, persuasive, and personable (as well as independently driven), check out remote sales consultant roles – they might just suit you perfectly!

Project Manager

If you like to lead teams and manage projects, you might excel in a remote project manager position. This role requires you to create strategies, supervise others, delegate tasks, and ensure that projects get completed in a timely manner within budget. Most successful project managers have a degree in management or business and a background in business management.

Application Developer

Similar to software developers, remote application developers are also in high demand these days. So, if you’re analytical and know how to code, employers will want to hire you to design and build their newest app.


If you are a good writer but prefer to generate clear and concise advertising and marketing copy instead of long, in-depth content, then you should look into becoming a copywriter. Pretty much all industries out there need writers who can produce compelling ad copy – and they don’t care where you’re sitting as you create it!

Where to Find the Best Remote Jobs

While there are sites specifically dedicated to finding remote jobs, Job Searcher tends to be the best option if you are in the middle of a tiresome job search. With Job Searcher, every open position across the entire web is collected and compiled in one place – that even includes remote positions. We even keep track of each company’s job posting history just in case there is a specific company you want to work for. That way, you can find your dream remote job with only a couple of clicks.

How to Search for Remote Jobs on Job Searcher

Frequently Asked Questions on Remote Jobs

What Do You Need to Work Remotely?

Most importantly, you’ll need a reliable computer and secure, fast internet connection to work from home. Some roles will also require a phone and/or headset and certain software programs. Additional items to make your experience more comfortable, including good lighting, an ergonomic chair and desk setup. 

Can You Work from Anywhere with a Remote Job?

While you can work from almost anywhere with a remote job, it’s beneficial to have a comfortable and quiet office space that you can use whenever you need. Having said that, it can be fun to change up your working space throughout the week by visiting a library, coworking office, or café. 

How Does Remote Working Work?

It’s pretty simple! Instead of going into a traditional office for a set number of hours per workday, you work from wherever you’d like with a lot more flexibility. Say goodbye to your commute and hello to an improved work-life balance.

How Do I Manage a Remote Job?

It’s important to be self-motivated and disciplined so that you meet your professional goals and excel in your remote position. Other good skills to utilize include organization and planning. Also, be sure to incorporate social interaction and physical activity to prevent any potential isolation, loneliness, and inactivity. 


While remote working isn’t necessarily for everyone, it does have a lot of advantages. From more flexibility to potentially higher productivity, it can improve your work-life balance and alleviate stress. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, there are more remote job openings than ever before in a variety of fields, so if you’re looking to take the leap, check out Job Searcher today and start changing your life!

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