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Having the ability to post jobs free is one of the key necessities to making your business go round. In the search for free job posting sites, it is easy to stumble upon paid job boards or job boards that are free, but only long enough to satisfy a free trial. The internet is so vast, and there are so many reviews everywhere. So we’ve synthesize some of the information out there to make your search for free job posting sites that much easier. The employer reviews used were mostly gathered from sites like Capterra, Trust Radius, TrustPilot, Site Jabber, and BetterTeam.

We even have a bonus site that is unlike any other job board, and it has a free version.

Top 8 Free Job Posting Sites Overview

Job Searcher

Post Free Jobs On Job Searcher

Job Searcher is one of the newest free job posting sites on the web. Job Searcher collects and indexes every job in existence. By making this information easily accessible, the job seeker has the power to research all jobs and companies they might be a fit for.

Employer Pros

Even though JobSearcher is relatively new, its features and user-interface are intuitive. It is easy to use, and it offers a wide array of benefits for hiring. One of the greatest benefits is Job Searcher’s connection to Introview. The connection allows employers to not only post a free job, but also use Introview as an application collection tool to screen and eliminate candidates.

Another pro that employers like is the advanced candidate matching tool. Job Searcher takes the needs of potential candidates (job title, skills, location, etc.), and matches jobs that are closely identical to their search. This free job posting site also features an advanced search engine for candidates. This helps decrease the likelihood of unqualified candidates applying to your job.

Lastly, because Job Searcher collects and indexes every job, you will have an automatically generated company page (example: James Martin Associates) with all of your job listings, whether they are active or expired.

Employer Cons

Like AngelList, Job searcher does not have a direct messaging platform on the site. Therefore, you will have to take your communication to Introview or email to speak with potential candidates. Another con to take into consideration is that expired jobs do remain posted on Job Searcher. The purpose of keeping expired jobs posted is to help job searchers, but sometimes companies do not want expired jobs for privacy reasons.


From registration to being able to post jobs free, you won’t be asked to input any billing information. Job Search is completely free to use.

How to Post A Job On Job Searcher

  1. Go to JobSearcher
  2. Press Post A Job – the “post a job” icon is in the upper right corner
  3. Log in or create a free account – you can use Facebook or Google to Log in
  4. Fill in the Job Details – be specific with the details. Once you’ve filled those in, press post.


Post Jobs Free on Monster

Monster is an international job search and recruitment platform that prides itself on using advanced technology to keep employers and their potential candidates connected. It is often heralded for its comprehensive job database.

Employer Pros

As an employer, one thing to keep in mind with Monster is that you have the ability to reach out to candidates you think may be qualified for the job. Therefore, you have access to wide array of resumes that are quick and easy to access. Another pro is that when you create your job posting, you can add a filtered question to it as a measure to ensure only qualified applicants apply. Monster is also easy to use.

Employer Cons

Many complaints from employers are centered around the fact that they don’t think the return on investment is valuable enough. Users are slowly being driven away from the site because of the amount of spam they are subjected to, as well as for other reasons. Because of this, many employers find that their job postings do not get very much traction, and they risk attracting unqualified candidates.


Monster does not have a free plan, so it would not be a considered one of the best free job posting sites. It requires registration and a debit/credit card at registration. Its free version is only a four-day free trial. You can cancel your free trial at any point during the four days, but after four days your card will be charged based on whatever plan you chose. If the pricing structure isn’t what you’d like, you can negotiate a monthly or pay-per-click price. 

How to Post a Job on Monster

  1. Choose a pricing plan to begin creating your free account
  2. Create a free account
  3. Enter your billing information – because you are signing up for a four-day free trial (and not a free job post), Monster wants you to input your billing information.
  4. Enter the job information in the job form – title, location, description, and the email you want to receive applications


Post Jobs Free on Indeed

Indeed is the largest and #1 job site in the world with high amounts of traffic. It is an easy-to-use site that stays true to their mission to service small to large businesses and help job seekers get jobs. 

Employer Pros

Well for one, Indeed is one of the best free job posting sites because it has a version that allows employers to connect the job posting to their career page. It is one of the most popular job boards, so you know that means high volumes of traffic. Employers that use Indeed rave about the high volume of applicants they regularly receive with each job posting. Employers are also fond of Indeed when tapping into the global/international market of job seekers.

Employer Cons

Though Indeed is the number one job board in the world, there are still complaints from employers using the platform. The high traffic that Indeed drives to job postings present some issues for employers trying to weed through large volumes of candidates. The screening questions that Indeed uses to weed out applicants aren’t always helpful.

There is also a limit on the use of an ATS system. Though Indeed allows ATS integration, it does not always function properly and efficiently. Lastly, employers have often complained that the formatting for job postings don’t always translate well.


Indeed is one of few free job posting sites. To post a job on Indeed you must create a free account. Registering for an account is quick, painless, and you will not be asked to input your billing information. As far as pricing goes, Indeed offers the option to completely post jobs free. You would also have the option to pay for sponsored job posts, which would be paid per click. Of course if you pay for your job post, you’ll have more benefits such as higher visibility rates, their “Instant Match” feature, and visibility on Glassdoor. 

How to Post A Job on Indeed

  1. Create an account – To create a job on Indeed, you must create a free account.
  2. Navigate to “free job post” – Include the location, an industry-standard job title, and a detailed job description. 
  3. Set your application preferences– You can set-up how you want to receive applications.  
  4. Choose skills assessments – Indeed offers pre-screening options such as: skills test, aptitude tests, and personality tests to evaluate the candidate.
  5. Select optimization preferences – Here you decide whether you want to post a free job or if you want to pay for optimization and sponsorship.

Angel List

Post Jobs Free on AngelList
Angel List

AngelList is a job board for entrepreneurs and start-ups looking to hire help. Because this site is specialized for start-ups specifically, it is the ideal job board to post your jobs on to find quality talent. You will mostly find freelancers and other people excited to work in a start-up environment. You won’t have to worry about receiving applicants that don’t want to work in a start-up environment. 

Employer Pros

The first and best pro to posting a free jobs on AngelList is the fact that the site is known for being a site for start-up tech companies; therefore, the people searching for jobs are genuinely interested in working in a start up environment. This automatically helps target your audience and concentrate your candidate pool. Employers also have the ability to find passive candidates with AngelList’s advanced search features.

Employer Cons

With AngelList being one of the more recent job boards, it still lags behind in some of its basic offered features. For example, employers complain that there is no messaging platform on the site to connect with potential candidates. Communication has to take place via email. There is also no candidate matching so employers have a hard time assessing how qualified a candidate is for the job. Lastly AngelList does allow an ATS system to be used and integrated, but their system is not intuitive; however, they do provide some FAQ guidance for questions you could have.


Because AngelList is sensitive to the financial struggles of start-up companies, they have multiple pricing options. Their “starter” option allows you to post an unlimited amount of job postings, and your account remains free. AngelList also provides a “Pro” version, and the opportunity to consult with them and creating a custom pricing plan. 

How to Post a Job on Angel List

  1. Create an account
  2. Press the “Recruit” Tab on the AngelList website and choose “Post Job” – this will bring you to a new job form
  3. Fill in Your Job Details – Be sure to be specific
  4. Fill in the salary and equity information – This task cannot be bypassed. If you do not fill this in, then your job post will not be published and displayed.
  5. Set your recruiting contact – leave the proper email for applications to be forwarded to. The email you give must be an associated work email.


Post Jobs Free on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is arguably the largest networking platform. The purpose of LinkedIn isn’t only to keep your professional relationships strong. It is also used as a valuable tool for employers to scope out candidates, and job seekers to find the right job or internship. 

Employer Pros

LinkedIn Jobs is one of the best tools for building your employer brand because you have the aspect of social media attached. Potential candidates can see and share your posts and follow your company page. Another pro to using LinkedIn as a hiring tool is that you can get a very detailed view of a candidate’s history and experience via their LinkedIn page.

Employer Cons

Unlike Indeed and JobSearcher, LinkedIn only offers one free job at a time, and employers argue that free jobs don’t get very much traffic. When you post your one free job, it is only active for a certain amount of time, and LinkedIn does not notify you when it is expiring. If you do decide to pay for an advertisement, you run the risk of the advertisement not being targeted towards a specific audience. This means that even unqualified candidates will see your job posting and be inclined to apply.


To post a job on LinkedIn, you must have an individual account. So that means you will have to register to create a LinkedIn account. The good thing about LinkedIn is that unlike Facebook, you do not have to have a company page to create your free job post. You are also not asked for billing information when you create your account or your free job post. You only have to input your billing information if you decide to pay to promote a job posting.

How to Post a Job on LinkedIn

How to Post Jobs Free on Facebook


Post Jobs Free on Facebook

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms, and it continues to expand even into the business world. Facebook not only has a marketplace where users can shop and make sales, but in 2017, Facebook created a job board. This is great for small businesses sourcing local talent as well as small-medium businesses looking for candidates within their networks. 

Employer Pros

Facebook is one of the largest social media sites, so it wasn’t a surprise when it tried to take a leap into the job board’s market. This is a huge pro for Facebook. Because Facebook’s beginnings were solely social media, people are conditioned to still treat it as such. When people in your company page’s network see job postings, they can be inclined to shared the post even if they are not looking for a job themselves. In addition, if you were to pay for an Ad, Facebook ads are highly regarded with their ability to be very concentrated on your target audience. They also allow you to promote your job on a budget.

Employer Cons

While Facebook’s social underpinnings can help your job post, it is important to realize that if you post a job for free, you will likely be relying on that foundation. When you post a free job on Facebook, it will mostly only reach candidates that are associated with or following your company page. Therefore, you’ll have to rally those people to share your job posting for more exposure.

Another thing to think about is the resistance candidates may have with using Facebook to apply for a job. Often people don’t mind employers seeing their LinkedIn because that is what LinkedIn is for. Facebook is much more personal, and people may not want to expose their Facebook page to a potential employer.


From creating a business page on Facebook to creating your first job post, all of it is free. Your free post will show up in Facebook Job’s search engine as well as on your business page. Payment is only necessary if you decide to boost your post by paying for ads, which is done by setting your own budget paying-per-click.

How to Post a Job on Facebook

How to Post Jobs Free on Facebook


Post Jobs Free on Handshake

Handshake is one of the ideal spots for employers to post their jobs if they are specifically looking for young fresh talent. One of Handshakes main missions is to confront the inequality that college students face when trying to find jobs straight out of college. Within the last year, finding employment as a college graduate has been difficult, so many schools across the country have partnered with Handshake to help their graduating students. From small companies to Fortune 500 companies, Handshake gives employers the opportunity to post attractive jobs for people early in their careers. 

Employer Pros

Along side the opportunity to post free jobs, Handshake puts an employer within a keyboard’s reach of approximately 1,200 universities including Stanford, Northwestern, Villanova, Spelman, and many more. The amount of visibility for your job posting aimed directly at college students is promising. It also helps that you only have to create your job one time, and from there it can be shared in multiple communities.

Employer Cons

Though exposure seems like it wouldn’t be the issue, there are concerns. In order to share your job posting in different networks, you have to gain approval from the university. In the past, employers have complained and expressed that this process is incredibly lengthy and can derail an internship or job hiring process. On top of that, Handshake’s interface is not intuitive, meaning it can be overly complicated and difficult to operate.


Handshake allows you to post jobs for free. All you need to do is register or sign-in, and you’re on your way to creating your first free job posting. Handshake does have a premium product that offers more exclusive features, but if you are trying to save money while looking for entry-level talent, then the free plan would be the go-to. 

How to Post a Job on Handshake

How to Post Jobs Free on Handshake

Zip Recruiter

Zip Recruiter

While Indeed is the number one job site in the world, Zip Recruiter happens to be the number 1 rated site in the United States. Whether your business is small, medium, or large, Zip Recruiter uses sophisticated AI to target candidates that closely match your job description. 

Employer Pros

The biggest pro is that when you post a job, ZipRecruiter posts your job on over 100+ other sites, so exposure isn’t something you’ll have to worry about. Zip Recruiter also provides candidate matching through the use of artificial intelligence. It seems like employers praise ZipRecruiter for their helpful and prompt customer service.

Employer Cons

As we know, ZipRecruiter is not free, but it does offer a free trial. The free trial is only four days, which does not give you enough time to go through a complete hiring cycle to see how helpful it really is. It only allows you to get a gist of what you’ll be paying for. Another complaint is that ZipRecruiter, compared to Indeed and LinkedIn, makes it a little more difficult to link your career page and have candidates apply through an external link.


Zip Recruiter’s pricing is similar to Monster’s pricing. With Zip Recruiter, you can sign up as an employer to a four-day trial, during which you can keep any applicants that apply to your job. During your registration, you are asked for billing information so you can be charged at the end of the four-day trial. You are able to cancel before the free trial ends, and you won’t be charged anything. 

How to Post a Job on Zip Recruiter

How to Post Jobs Free on ZipRecruiter


If you are looking for a novel way to post jobs free online, Introview is the place. Though it is a very new site, Introview has the potential to become one of the top free job posting sites that use video. Introview requires registration, but it does have a free version and does not require your billing information at registration.

To post a job on Introview:

  1. Create a free account
  2. Create A New Post
  3. Input Job Post Details
  4. Choose a privacy setting for your job post
  5. Post and share


Finding free job posting sites can be a daunting task when you want to post jobs free or post jobs on a budget. There are few sites that cater to this need, however, Job Searcher along with others are here to the rescue. The great part is that you don’t always have to use one free job posting site to get as much exposure as you need.

Post jobs free on Job Searcher

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