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Account Manager Resume Guide: Tips and Examples to Knock Your Interviewer’s Socks Off

Diane Caimares

Resume Writer, Career Coach, and Business Owner

The Basic Makeup of the Account Manager Resume

Technology and globalization have made it more necessary to be proficient in reading and interacting with a variety of different people. The challenging task of translating web content for different audiences is done efficiently by the account manager, who has a broad knowledge of both languages and cultures. Therefore, an account manager resume that is well crafted and shows you have a deep understanding of technology and its effect on people’s lives will make you a prime candidate.

Account managers are experienced professionals with a deep understanding of a wide range of subjects, including but not limited to:

  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Law
  • Economics

They also have at least three or four years of experience in their field or related fields. Account Manager resumes should only include the past ten years as employers do not want candidates with too much time spent outside the industry they are in.

Creating the outline of an Account Manager Resume

A man writing his account manager resume

If you are looking for a new account manager job, then it is time to build your account manager resume. That’s why the Account Manager resume examples are here to help you out, and here to help us give you tips to build the backbone of your resume.


Though it is possible to make a resume from scratch, it is always easier to use a template. So, the first thing to do when you are building any resume is think about the position you want to apply for. This will help you determine what kind of template or layout will be most appealing. If you are applying for a job in a creative field (ie. marketing, graphic design, ect.), then you may want to use a resume that is visually appealing, uses charts and graphs, or has a creative format. However, if you are applying for a more formal, professional position, such as an account manager, then you may want a more clean, neat, traditional format.


Now once you’ve chosen a good template or layout for your resume, you should double check some of the more fine details. This step is usually skipped because job searchers are eager to put information on paper. However, this small step could be the difference in your resume making it through an ATS or not. Fine details that you will want to pay attention to are:

  • Clear, legible resume fonts
  • Big section headings
  • Opportunities for a lot of “white space”


Lastly, it is time to fill it in, but before you do, be sure that your resume outline has these five sections.

  1. Contact information
  2. Summary or Objective
  3. Education
  4. Work Experience
  5. Skills

From The Job Description to Resume

Many job searchers believe that when writing their resume, it is all about them and their achievements. While a portion of this is true, it is also important to emphasize how far tailoring your resume to the job description can take you. So here, we will walk you through writing each section of your account manager resume based on the job description at hand.

Account Manager Job Summary- What to Expect?

When looking at a good account manager job description, you will see that it begins with an overview of the company and a compelling summary of the position. Then there will be expectations for the position along with the types of activities and responsibilities required for the job.

From the job description, you will decide whether this is the right position for you or not. You will also be able to identify key words and phrases that you relate to the most. These are the words and phrases you will want to include in your resume.

The Resume Summary

After you input your contact information on your resume, you will be faced with the resume summary or objective. We will tackle this one with an example.

Here is an example of a job summary from an account manager job posting.

A leading company in the telecommunications industry is looking for an experienced account manager, who will take on all customer account management responsibilities. The successful applicant will focus on acquiring additional revenue streams from existing clientele, as well as attracting new customers who can benefit from our product offerings. As an account manager, you will be responsible for meeting monthly and quarterly fees while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. You will report to the Account Management supervisor and manage a minimum of 175 accounts (with a maximum of 250) at any given time. We are looking for a sales-oriented professional who values ​​productivity and customer commitment.

The thing to remember is that your account manager resume summary will display some of your greatest achievements, but you will also need to imply how those achievements can help the company you are applying for.

For example, the job summary mentions:

  1. The need for the candidate to be able to acquire additional revenue streams from existing clientele and attracting new customers.
  2. The need for the candidate to be able to manage at least 175 accounts.

Taking these requirements into consideration, your resume summary could read:

Proven account management professional with demonstrated communication and sales skills. Experienced in driving revenue, retaining and expanding clientele, and acquiring multiple streams of revenue. Detail- and goal-oriented with 5+ years of managing 200+ accounts at a time. Able to handle high-stress situations and navigate multiple projects at once.

Notice that the resume summary takes into account some of the things that are necessary for success at the role and incorporates it into an opening statement for the resume.


This section, along with the skills section will be one of the simplest sections. The most important thing about the education section is that you format it correctly and include the right information. Including the right information all comes down to where you are in your career.

Recent College Graduate – You should list your Bachelor’s degree along with any certifications and/or additional coursework.

Graduate with a higher-level degree – This is for graduates with a Master’s, PhD, or professional degree. You should list both your Bachelor’s as well as your professional degree.

You already have work experience – Just list your highest and most recent degree.

Here is a general layout for listing your education on your resume.

  • Name of school
  • Your degree – field of study
  • Graduation year (if applicable)
  • Your GPA (Note: You may not want to include this if it’s not above 3.4)
  • Any relevant honors or academic recognition, coursework, activities or other achievements obtained during your education

Writing Your Professional Experience Section


The format for your professional experience section typically includes:

  • The company
  • The job title
  • Location
  • The dates you began and ended
  • Your duties

There are typically two common layouts for listing job titles. Both are acceptable on any well-formatted resume.

Enterprise, Inc.                              January 2018 - September 2021
Account Manager 
Baton Rouge, LA

[Insert bullet points for your job's description, duties, and tasks]


Enterprise, Inc.
Account Manager
January 2018- September 2021

[Insert bullet points for your job's description, duties, and tasks]

Defining Your Job Title

There have been times where you likely worked an account management position, but your job title was not concrete. Sometimes you were called the Key Account Manager, the Account Supervisor, the Business Development Manager, or even “the farmer”.

Choosing what to put on your account manager resume comes down to:

  1. Using a professional title – If you actually were called “the farmer” at work, you don’t want to put that on a resume. Use a professional title so everyone who sees your resume knows what title you held.
  2. Using a title that most closely aligns to your tasks – It wouldn’t make any sense to use a title like “Business Development Manager” if your tasks more closely align with “Account Supervisor”.
  3. Ensuring your seniority is reflected in the title – If you are in a supervisor or manager role, your job title should reflect that off the bat.

Your Previous Job Descriptions

The bullet points under your job titles and work experience should be impactful and packed with numbers and measurable results. It is not enough to just list the tasks that you performed. You must include your tasks as well as your achievements.

This is what it looks like when you just list your previous job duties.

• Developed and monitored customer retention campaigns

• Participated and improved internal brand promotions

• Engaged with a minimum of 10 clients per day via live contact and followed up on all potential clients within two days.

• Learned and recognized triggers based on customer behavior and reached out to customers who request to terminate or downgrade service.

• Managed the budget and met or exceeded the monthly fee established by the Account Administration Supervisor.

Now this is what it looks like when you spruce it up a little.

  • Developed and monitored 10+ customer retention campaigns that increased our retention rate from 35% to 80%.
  • Created and managed a collaborative experience that connected 5 different departments to improve internal brand promotions
  • Engaged with 10+ clients per day via live contact and followed up with each client within the next 48 hours
  • Collected and analyzed data to recognize triggers that influenced negative customer behavior and personally reached out to resolve 52% of cases where customers requested to terminate or downgrade service.
  • Exceeded the budget for 6 months in a row for the monthly fee established by the Account Administration Supervisor.
  • Key things to note when you decide to transform your professional experience section is the use of engaging action verbs and the use of measurable, quantifiable achievements. Adding these in your bullet points will make your previous tasks and duties more meaningful, while also showing a snippet of what accomplishments and experience you can bring into the role you are applying for.

    The Skills Section

    Next to the education section, the skills section is likely the easiest section to write. What makes it easy is not the fact that you can just go on a rampage describing all of your skills you’ve acquired in the last 20+ years. What makes it easy is the fact that the job description writes this section for you. Here’s how.

    How to Use Keywords Within Your Account Manager Resume

    In every job description, there will be a section that outlines what skills the candidate should have when applying for the job. To make things simple, review the job description and highlight the skills the employer is looking for. After highlighting them, pick out the skills that you possess, whether you are at a basic level or an advanced level.

    Keep in mind you may be tested on the skills you choose to display. Additionally, your resume summary and previous work experience may speak volumes when it comes to how employers will evaluate you on those skills, so be truthful.

    Lastly, don’t forget to include a good mix of soft and hard skills. In the past, soft skills weren’t deemed as important as technical skills, but now, employers are adamant that soft skills could be a determining factor for success in the position.

    Some common skills you may see on an account manager job description are:

    • Account Management
    • Sales
    • Sales Management
    • Business-to-Business (B2B)
    • Direct Sales
    • Marketing
    • Time Management
    • Solution Selling
    • Sales Process
    • Business Development
    • Sales Operations
    • Listening and Communication
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Multitasking

    Additional Tips for Success

    What are Typical Qualifications and Skills for Account Managers

    Being an account manager is not easy, it takes a lot of responsibility. You should be able to present yourself effectively, work well with other departments, take initiative, and manage your time wisely. On top of that you also need to be knowledgeable in marketing and other business-related topics, while also maintaining good relationships with the clients.

    A successful resume for Account Managers should include experience in dealing with:

    • Marketing ideas and strategies
    • PR initiatives
    • Customer service
    • Presentations
    • Coordinating projects
    • Collaboration with multiple departments
    • Teamwork

    Additionally, these are some qualifications you would typically see in an account manager job description .

    • A bachelor’s degree is required
    • 1+ years of account management experience
    • Advanced problem-solving and communication skills
    • Excellent word processing and spreadsheet skills
    • Ability to anticipate customer needs and match them with appropriate products and services
    • Comfortable when working under pressure in a fast-paced environment

    Matching Your Account Manager Resume to your LinkedIn Profile

    Even if you don’t find your dream job on LinkedIn, your LinkedIn profile will be one of the first places your potential employer will go to evaluate you. Therefore, you must have your LinkedIn profile set up for success. Your can do that by uploading your resume, having a large network, obtaining recommendations from people in your network, or even by posting regularly. Most importantly, any information that you list on your LinkedIn profile should be aligned with information that is in your resume. You don’t want to create mistrust before the hiring manager ever meets you.

    The Importance of Proofreading Your Account Manager Resume

    The importance of a resume in today’s competitive job market cannot be overstated. It is the most powerful document in your arsenal when it comes to getting a job. It’s an opportunity for you to talk about all of your work experience, education, skills, and competencies in a concise and organized way. In addition, it’s the only document that employers will want you to send them after they contact you through your online application or email.

    It’s easy to make mistakes when writing a resume for account managers. It is important to proofread and read through your resume before submitting it because it could mean the difference between getting the job and not getting the job. If you feel uncomfortable proofreading your own document, then have a trusted friend or colleague look over it for you.


    It is essential to provide a succinct and clear summary of your skills and experience. To make your account management resume stand out, you need to focus on the following:

    • Highlight all relevant experience. Be sure to personalize and tailor your resume to the job description.
    • Provide work samples that illustrate your proficiency. If you have work samples or a digital portfolio, it would be wise to include a link to you it on your resume.
    • Include skills like data analysis and business knowledge when you describe your experience in account management.
    • Quantifiable accomplishments: results, gains, or successes achieved in quantitative terms for each position held
    • Achievements in the industry: achievements such as awards, recognition, or other performance metrics

    Your account manager resume is a powerful marketing document that can help you sell your skills and abilities in this competitive job market. We hope that the information in this guide will help you with your job search!

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