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Occupations in Demand on Job\Searcher. October

To help you understand where the opportunities are now, we’ll be sharing monthly insights into the most in-demand jobs around the world. As economies around the world begin to reopen, we’re seeing demand for a wide range of jobs that will continue to make our “new normal” possible. 

The Most In-Demand Jobs

To understand where demand was most critical, we looked at the job titles on JobSearcher that have the most jobs available right now. No matter what your skill set or experience level, there’s probably a job on this list for you. 

  1. Administrative Coordinator at Eastern Bank
  2. Part Time Retail Associate at Lowe’s
  3. Automation Maintenance Technician at Amazon Ops HR2
  4. Warehouse Department Supervisor at The Home Depot
  5. Driver at The Home Depot
  6. Restoration Technician at American Technologies Inc.
  7. Project Manager Maintenance Manager at GOLDMARK Property Management
  8. Owner Operated company at Mad Duck Inc
  9. Network Analyst at Visa Inc.
  10. Product Coordinator at Jobar International Inc.

If you’re looking for a job right now, these roles are a good place to start because it’s likely they need to fill positions quickly.  If none of these fit your needs, look in cities near you, like LA or New York City. No matter what, find your next job today!