9 Best Jobs for Introverts

Craig Stevens

Digital Asset Manager and Business Analyst

If you really think about it, we aren’t actually either introverts or extroverts. Instead, we’re all on a spectrum as ‘Big Five’ personality tests characterize. Someone more on the side of extroversion would enjoy social contact more, especially large group projects and company parties. It seems as if modern workplaces seem tailor-made for extroverts with the open plan layouts, which removes barriers between people. However, it seems there are very few options that would be perfect jobs for introverts that don’t always require working from home.

While someone who is introverted may prefer working from home, some introverted people don’t mind being in an office. They would just prefer being able to work alone and in quiet conditions.

An introvert stressed at work. He may need to research jobs for introverts.

This can also be true for people who are autistic, who can have acute senses and love being left alone to tackle something small and technical. For such people (autistic or just plain introverted), the lack of quiet space in open plan offices is terrible. It becomes difficult to concentrate and can induce stress or anxiety.

If you’re introverted or autistic, and you are looking for your comfort zone, here are some of the best jobs for introverts.


While the image of accountants as introverts seems like a stereotype, it’s a stereotype because there’s a fair degree of truth in it. One survey estimated that 75% of accountants are introverts, so this could be one of the best careers for introverts.

In a corporation, accountants are likely to be analyzing data, writing reports and working on governance. Independent accountants gain the option of being able to work from home or entirely remote, which may prove beneficial if offices are too overwhelming. 

2020 Median salary: $73,560/year (this could vary depending on whether you’re independent or not).

Content writer / copywriter / writer

This is another profession that’ll enable you to work independently in many cases, which makes it one of the best jobs for introverts. If you’d rather be an employee, then advertising agencies are also interested in hiring copywriters. These roles can offer great experience and a reference of two for your resumé.

It is important to note that there is a difference between being an employee versus working independently. If you work independently, then you may have the option to work from the comfort of your home. On the other hand, if you are an employee, then you could be expected to be in the office with all the extroverts that tend to gravitate towards creative and advertising agencies.

Working independently is probably the best option if you want to embrace your introversion, but it is important to mention that you should watch out for ‘content farm’ sites. These typically put you on tight deadlines with very low pay, potentially below minimum wage. Another thing to note is that while writing fiction is rewarding, it can be hard to monetize.

2020 Median salary 2020: $74,650/year

Editor or proofreader

Because introverts tend to have a good eye for details, editing and proofreading tend to be great jobs for introverts. The other end of writing content is making sure that what’s been written is good quality text. Someone once said that a good editor catches 80% of mistakes in a text and that a good proofreader catches 80% of what’s left. There is a difference between the two professions, though.

An editor is likely to be more involved in the development of the text over time. This means they could expect to be working with an author on an ongoing basis, even if their work on the text is more isolated.

However, a proofreader is much more likely to be focused on ensuring that the text is spelled correctly, has good grammar and conforms to reference formatting, which can be determined by whichever style guide is being used. Both of these professions can be done independently, but publishing houses are more likely to keep their editors in house.

2020 Median salary 2020 (editor): $63,400/year

2020 Median salary 2020 (proofreader): $41,140


Engineers have a reputation for being more interested in things than in people. As with accountants, this stereotype has a degree of truth behind it making it one of best jobs for introverts.

Engineering can blend science and mathematics, and it benefits from having many specializations from marine to chemical to electrical. This means that there are opportunities to find a field that interests you. Engineers are also frequently in demand, but this could vary from one specialization to the next. You could try comparing which fields have the greatest shortages to see where the most opportunities are.

2020 Median salary: $102,595/year (could vary by specialization)

Graphic designer

#5 on the list of great jobs for introverts is graphic design. A graphic designer is going to be creating visual concepts to communicate with people. In practice, this could involve everything from posters to infographics to magazines to applications to websites. As with writers and editors, this could mean being an employee of a company where you’ll have to be in office.

However, many graphic designers are freelancers who can work from their own homes with a workspace that’s ideal for them. So if you are an introvert with a passion for creativity, then this career path could be the perfect one for you.

2020 Median Salary: $53,380/year

Landscape designer

Landscape designers will typically be working on plans that improve the outside environment in areas such as parks, housing projects and other open spaces. In this field, you might work with a landscape architect. The landscape architect will typically develop the layout for paths and other hard surfaces while you focus on horticulture, the planning of trees and other plants.

Overall, you will be working to improve the environment of others, which makes it one of the best jobs for introverts. As an introvert, you know there are very few people who understand the importance of having access to calmer environments to escape to… even if that place is a park, a garden, or any other public outdoor structure.

Average base salary: $57,340/year


Librarianship is another profession well known for attracting introverts. If you’ve ever even been in a library, then you know these are places that are well known for being quiet environments so people can focus. However, given that libraries are typically in the public sector, you’re not likely to get paid at the same rate as an engineer.

Also, be aware that librarians can come from different kinds of fields and specializations. A librarian is not always the older woman who sits behind her counter shushing the kids. Some specializations of librarianship can be more social, which could be a good or bad thing as a job for introverts.

Digital Asset Management, for example, looks like a technical field given the extent to which it talks about taxonomy and metadata. However, in practice, you’ll be trying to help the company get the most out of the system, so you’ll be talking to people all the time.

2020 Median salary: $60,820/year


A mechanic could fall into the category of being one of the better careers for introverts. In this profession, you’ll be inspecting vehicles and performing regular maintenance on them. The process of inspection, the technical nature of the field and the specialized tools necessary could make this a rewarding option for those who value technical work. It also has the benefit of having clear success metrics: does the thing that was broken now work properly?

2020 Median salary: $44,050/year

Research scientist

Research scientists, as with engineers, have many different scientific fields. This enables you to pick one that you’re interested in, good at or find rewarding. Laboratories are often very controlled environments, especially in fields where spillages or leaks are both possible and dangerous.

Science is a field where rigorous processes need to be followed, so this could be one of the best jobs for introverts. You could be working in a company, a university, or an environmental organization. Specializations and different employers can affect salaries.

2020 Median salary: $100,821/year


Bear in mind that there are no perfect jobs for introverts, just as there are no perfect jobs for extroverts. As mentioned earlier, we are all on a spectrum from introversion to extroversion.

In addition, there are very few jobs today where you aren’t going to be working with people in some respect. So complete independence, outside of a few creative fields or independent work, is unlikely to come your way. However, some fields allow a higher degree of independence to give you more control over your working environment. It is important to remember that independent work is less predictable. You’re unlikely to be guaranteed work in the same way.

The good news is that there are good jobs for introverts out there if you can just hone in on your priorities and interests. If you’re seeking a high wage, then being a librarian may not be the best choice, outside of a few major cities. So look at average wages and specializations. Look at whether you’ll need any training and, if so, how much it is. Perhaps sign up for webinars or network on LinkedIn. Listening and speaking to professionals is the best way to find out what your day to day in the field would look like.

Happy Job Searching!

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