4 Ways to Make Your Job Posting More Inclusive

According to a Glassdoor survey,




job searchers and employees emphasize the need to work in a

diverse workplace. Not only is a diverse workforce a requirement for many young workers, but it is actually beneficial for companies. In fact, diverse workforces:

  1. Enhance creativity and innovation in work environments
  2. Boast higher levels of productivity
  3. Create a better understanding of your consumers and
  4. Improve business’ employer brand

What Does it Mean for a Job Posting to be Inclusive?

So… how can you cover all your bases when trying to diversify your workforce?

Rule #1: Start with the job description.

To attract a diverse talent pool, you have to make sure your job description is inclusive. This means that any job searcher, no matter their professional background, education, gender, etc. feels comfortable applying to your job. How do you do that?

Rule #2: Watch your language and your tone.

With your job descriptions, it’s always about what you say AND how you say it. Remember, you aren’t speaking with the applicant, so all they have is what you put in your job description and how it makes them feel. The words you use could make a perfectly skilled and qualified applicant feel uncomfortable or unqualified.

4 Ways to Make Your Job Posting More Inclusive

Because the way you communicate your interests through your job description could attract or repel diverse candidates, it is important to pay attention to your language. Here are four tips to tailor your language and build a big, diverse candidate pool from your job description.


Get rid of industry and job-specific jargon in the job description. Write in a more conversational tone. To do this, you should:

  1. Keep sentences short and simple
  2. Explain all acronyms
  3. Consult the current job holder for help


Get rid of experience and education requirements. Emphasize your willingness to hire candidates that are still learning. Ask for:

  • “Hands-on experience with…”
  • “Proven and recurring success with…”
  • “Experience identifying patterns with…”
  • “Be ready to provide examples of your technical abilities in….”
  • Emphasis on leadership abilities (or other soft skills)
  • Emphasis on proficiency instead of years of using a software/technology


Be aware of the language you use. Be sure it is gender-neutral and doesn’t include words or phrases that exclude certain demographics from applying.

  • “Applicants MUST be a native English speaker.”
  • Looking for a mature and experienced professional
  • “he”, “she”, “barmaid” or “handyman”
  • Looking for persons without family


Differentiate between ‘must have skills’ and ‘nice to have skills’. Then only include the must have skills in the job description.

Must Have Skills: “Skills that are essential to function in the job.

For more tips on how to maximize your job postings:

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