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3 Tips to Successfully Create a Marketing Coordinator Resume

Marcie Wilmot

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Are you constantly thinking of new ways to drive sales? Are you organized, creative, and decisive? Do market trends really get you excited? If so, you may be a great fit for the role of a marketing coordinator. Keep reading to learn more about this position and how you can create a strong marketing coordinator resume that will help you score interviews and potentially land the job of your dreams. 

What Does a Marketing Coordinator Do?

To understand what a marketing coordinator does, it’s necessary to first have a basic grasp on marketing itself. So, what is marketing? What role does it play in a company? In actuality, marketing is very important because its purpose is to drive sales (revenue) for the company. It does this by raising awareness of its brand and products or services. 

As a marketing coordinator, you will develop strategies to build this awareness in the company’s target market. Some of your job responsibilities will include:

Marketing Coordinator tasks and duties
  • Staying informed about what’s happening in the company’s market and industry
  • Paying attention to what your company’s competitors are doing
  • Conducting market research
  • Executing branding, marketing, and advertising strategies
  • Monitoring the results of marketing campaigns
  • Creating reports and content
  • Assisting the marketing manager
  • Collaborating with the company’s sales department
  • Coaching and motivating junior staff members

When hiring for this position, most companies look for a degree in marketing, business, or a similar industry. They also typically like to see some prior marketing experience. 

If this role seems to align with your background and skills, then it’s time to put together a marketing coordinator resume that will stand above your competition. See below for some helpful marketing coordinator resume examples and pointers.

Essential Marketing Coordinator Resume Tips & Tricks

See Companies that are Hiring Marketing Coordinators

Before you start putting together your resume, consider searching the phrase resumes for marketing coordinator online. This may bring up templates that appeal to you and can be useful as the basis for your resume. At the very least, this will provide you with some inspiration and ideas. It never hurts to see what other people are doing and how they are displaying their marketing experience.

Then, as you move forward in building your marketing coordinator resume, keep these tips in mind:

Tip #1: Write an Impactful Marketing Coordinator Summary

Including a summary is optional. In fact, sometimes people disregard this section entirely and dive right into their professional experience instead. However, if it’s written powerfully and succinctly, this section can significantly strengthen your resume.

Also referred to as an objective, think of this section as your elevator pitch and an opportunity to really sell yourself and what you have to offer. To highlight your biggest achievements and strongest qualities and skills, use phrases like:

  • Motivated marketing professional who is highly proficient in conducting market research, running advertising and branding campaigns, and monitoring results.
  • Strategic and passionate marketing coordinator who utilizes 5+ years of marketing experience to drive sales and brand awareness.

You can also choose to include a sentence in this section that explains what type of role you’re seeking. Just be sure not to pigeon-hole yourself too narrowly. Alternatively, consider customizing this sentence every time you apply for a job.

Tip #2: Highlight Relevant Work Experience

The meat and potatoes of your resume is the section where you include your past work experience. When you’re drafting this part of your resume, be sure to tailor the language you use to your target job ad. In other words, mimic keywords that are repetitively used in the job description, and highlight the experience you have that is relevant to the job ad.

Also, use impactful action verbs to begin each of your bullets. Some marketing coordinator resume sample action verbs include:

  • Facilitated
  • Coordinated
  • Generated
  • Developed
  • Analyzed
  • Designed
  • Executed

Remember: The language you use matters a lot. Therefore, you should keep it strong, powerful, succinct, clear, and relevant to the job you want.

Tip #3: Showcase Your Skills

There are several hard and soft skills that a company will most likely want to see from any marketing coordinator applicant they are considering. To stand out, you can highlight these at the top of your resume or in their own section. Here is a list of some of these desired skills:

Marketing coordinator must have hard and soft skills related to these general areas.
  • Leadership abilities
  • Organizational tendencies
  • Marketing expertise
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Product promotion
  • Email marketing
  • Familiarity with business operations
  • Collaboration skills
  • ROI calculations
  • Digital and social media marketing
  • Critical and strategic thinking
  • Analytical skills
  • Marketing software and tools
  • Content Management Systems

As you can see, there are a lot of skills that you can choose to include on your marketing coordinator resume. Incorporate the ones that apply to you.

Take the above recommendations into consideration when building your resume, and without a doubt, you’ll end up creating one that stands out above the crowd. Don’t get frustrated, and don’t hesitate to use the internet as a resource by taking a look at other marketing coordinator resume examples for inspiration. You can do this, and before you know it, you’ll have landed your perfect job. Good luck!

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